What’s a Liebster?

Ms Lorian Lipton at DogDaz (a blog all about life with her dogs Louise and Sofie and their cats – the Zoo) has honored me with an award!!! A Liebster Award!

liebsteraward_3lilapplesNow, I’m not sure exactly what a Liebster is so I looked it up. It seems that Liebster means beloved. That’s a nice thing. I also found a couple of fine ladies who put a lot of time and energy into researching the origins of this award. You might want to visit Lorraine Reguly at Wording Well and Sopphey Vance at Sopphey Says to find out more about the history and the rules. Basically it’s a way to connect with kind of new blogs or blogs without a big readership. A way to connect. That’s the key!

One of the rules of this award is that I have to answer some questions posed by Ms Lipton. So here goes!

1. What is your favorite hiding place?
I guess that depends on how you interpret that question. I like to hide my tennis ball under the bookcase or under a storage chest. My humans have a hard time finding them there.

IMG_4068I like to hide myself behind the curtains by the big glass window/doors. Then I can watch the world outside and no one can see me.

IMG_30672. If you could talk to your Human for 5 minutes in their language, what would you say?
That’s an easy one! My Mom Person and I speak the same language! We talk all the time! She’s a pretty good listener. The Dad Person speaks pretty good dog as well. He plays a good game of hide and seek!

3. What is your most favorite food?
I don’t know that I have a favorite. I am rather fond of french fries and banana chips.

IMG_24814. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
There’s no place like home!!!!

IMG_49765. Do you have a hero?
I think that my Mom Person is my greatest hero and my biggest fan. She’s my Wonder Woman!

img0026. Do you have a bedtime?
HA! That’s a funny one! I wish I had a bedtime. I wish the Mom Person had a bedtime. I have a hard time getting her to go to bed so that I can get some good sleep.

7. What makes you laugh?
Life makes me laugh! 😀 Except when the Mom Person up and leaves. 😦 But then JOY, JOY when she returns!!!  😀 Life is Good!

IMG_44378. What do you do that makes others laugh?
It seems that most everything I do makes people laugh! I guess I’m a real comedienne!

IMG_02969. Does anything scare you?

10. Do you know how to dance?
Do I know how to dance?! My name is Rhythm! Yes! I can sing and dance – and I love to sing and dance!  🙂

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Now the rules say that I am supposed to nominate 10 blogs to pass this award on to. But it’s hard to choose. So what I’d like to do instead is ask you to comment after this post and tell me some random fact about yourself. Then visit Ms Lipton and her little Zoo by clicking HERE.

Then look over at my sidebar and find the section that lists Friends in the Neighborhood and stop in to visit some of these folks. They are all good, friendly folks. You might find some humans and you might find some canines. It will be a treasure hunt!

Thank you Ms Lipton for including me amongst the beloved! I certainly love visiting your zoo!

I wish you a week full of beloved friends and family!

img219Your Liebster friend
Copy of img311


26 thoughts on “What’s a Liebster?

  1. Congratulations…I’m with you on the snakes…you can’t trust them! Random facts…Um, I hate shopping and will plan out a trip with military precision and even if it something that I want to do like shop for books, I will not dawdle. I am glad you didn’t specify the fact had to be interesting…the mind is blank. Sorry!

    • Snakes just smell creepy. I kind of like shopping. The only shopping I ever do is for treats and toys – so shopping is pretty good for me! I can’t imagine your mind ever being blank.

  2. What a lovely post, Rhythm. Congrats on the award. I can tell when Sandy wants us to go to bed. It was easier for my mum’s dog because he always went to sleep in his bed in the kitchen so later when no one visits the kitchen he could sleep. These open plan houses must be bad for dogs zzzz lol.

    • I have beds all over the house – I can pick and choose, but I can’t really get to sleep sleep until the Mom Person goes to bed. I have to keep one eye on her. It’s a sad thing. But part of my job.

  3. You know, I remember seeing this award somewhere else and wondered what it was. Now I know! 😀 Yay for you! I just popped over to see Ms. Lipton and the video clip of that pup is just too cute!

    OK, so…a random fact about me…*scratches head* *stares blankly*

    Stupid stuff is crossing my very blank mind. It’s kind of like a traffic jam when a question like that is asked! lol OK, I’ll throw this one out there: on the middle finger of my right hand, my first joint is bent with a bump because an intern in the emergency room gave me the wrong type splint for it to heal properly. How did I break it, you wonder? In the spring of 1998 when spring had already sprung, El Nino came through dropping 8″ of snow here (northern NJ). As it quickly disappeared, there were patches of ice where there should’ve been NONE! I parked on the street instead of the driveway and not seeing snow around me anymore, when I stepped out of the car onto a wide patch of ice, I wasn’t cautious when stepping, having forgotten ice could even be there. I was in the process of closing the car door when I slipped, so instinctively grabbed the door to break my fall—as it closed—completely shut—on my finger—and the weight of my body pulled me down and dragged my finger down the inside of the closed door as I descended. Yes, it was easily as painful as you might imagine *sigh*

      • Thank you 🙂 It only hurts when it gets bumped. Many times I’ve considered having it taken care of, but one guy said I might end up with some nerve damage to clean out the scar tissue. It’s unsightly, so when people notice it, I feel a touch uncomfortable. It doesn’t affect my finger as far as using it though, and since there’s never a time I don’t really need the use of that finger, it’s the last thing on my “to do” list lol

  4. My random fact is that both of my feet have detached from my legs after a run-in with mini-fleshling number one. The fleshlings attempted to rectify the problem with blu-tak. I wish they would get some superglue.

  5. What a wonderful answering of questions, Rhythm. What is in your mouth when you are upside down? A random fact about the zoo – dogs go to bed at 9:15 pm, so that the cats can run wild for a few hours. If Mom is late Louise opens her kennel and puts herself to bed. Glad you had fun with the questions. You are beloved – Lorian

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