Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.

Rhythm grew up as a guide dog puppy in training for Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. in Palmetto, Fla. Southeastern breeds and trains guide dogs for blind individuals and provides those fully trained dogs free of charge.  Rhythm did not fulfill her destiny as a guide dog because she developed chronic ear problems while in training and was career changed. She found her ultimate destiny as a therapy dog spreading joy wherever she goes.

4 thoughts on “Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.

  1. Rhythm, I am so sorry about the ear problems. It happens to the best of us. Just so you know, when you go to my site, I am hard-of-hearing, so please bark a little louder.

    You have fulfilled your destiny. I think you are right where you were always meant to be. Good Boy!

  2. Bonnie says sometimes those things that get in our way are meant to steer us in another direction, I think you ended up exactly where you needed to be, just like Bonnie ( who never had a home for long until she met her pack ). x

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