About Rhythm

Rhythm is a Labrador Retriever who was once a Guide Dog in Training for Southeastern Guide Dogs in Florida and now is a Therapy Dog Extraordinaire. Rhythm has become an inspirational Reading Master visiting schools and the Somervell Co. Library in Glen Rose, Tx. where kids come and share books with her and sharpen their reading skills.

For a little more about Ms Rhythm visit this post

59 thoughts on “About Rhythm

    • Nice to meet you Bruce! I’ve never met a gargoyle before. I’m sorry that you have to sit on your shelf all the time. But I think I will like to see what you have to say about the world from your perch!

  1. Rhythm. What a nice name for a guide dog. You must follow your person’s rhythm to know what she needs next. I love the picture of you in the header. Actually, I guess you ARE the header!
    I love to hear dogs talk, so for that reason alone I will return. I am betting you choose some mighty interesting books to chew on. (In this case, I mean “chew” as in read and then think deeply about before posting a great review.)

    Next time, I think I will bring one of my cats. Theo just loves canines.

  2. Thanks for saying such nice things about my book “Looking Out for Sarah”! You made extremely perceptive comments on the relationship between Sarah and her guide dog Perry. Prior to creating the book, I interviewed many guide dog-person teams. It was a privilege, and I was in awe of all of them. I think that not having use of one sense (such as sight) increases the acuity of the others. Thanks for posting the great photos, too.

    • Wow!! Ms Lang herself! Thank you for visiting my blog. Looking Out for Sarah is a very special book. I love sharing it with kids. We get some good discussions going. Thanks for being an advocate for guide dogs and their teammates!

  3. Dear Rhythm,
    so you’re a library dog, well we find that most intriguing, in fact, we’re awfully impressed! A pity you don’t live nearby, I’d bring my two bookfayries Sir and Selma with me. We’re doglovers (our Golden Retriever is a bookfreak too) and of course booklovers. We’re so happy we found you here and we very much look forward to following you. Great work. Your header ist gorgeous!

    Love, kisses, hugs and cuddles from
    Dina, Siri and Selma
    and wuff-wuff from Jippsiri
    from the far North

    • Thank you for dropping by! I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures of the far North. And maybe some of Siri and Selma? I’ve never met a book fairy! I know a book gargoyle which may be almost the same. Stay warm!

  4. What a lovely blog. I recently found out about reading therapy dog programs and think they are such great programs (being a lover of reading and a lover of dogs – I have a Border Terrier). So nice to “meet” you, Rhythm, and am looking forward to following you on your blogging adventures! (and thanks for following my own blog, of course!).

  5. Olive and I are very happy to meet Rhythm and you! Olive is very jealous of Rhythm’s skills. Olive is not one for a lot of strangers touching her, but she appreciates the character it takes to do it. She is also jealous about all of the time that Rhythm gets to spend in libraries.

  6. hello rhythm i realy loved your book and you should come to our library and you should write another one that is intresting and you are a great writer and i am daniela in mrs.kotwitzs class.

  7. rhythm i like how you read and you look very cute but i wish that you could came here at monday primary and we will show you that we all like books.

  8. We met your wonderful dogs today with my daughter, Lilly. It was amazing to watch my dyslexic, struggling to be confident in reading, child plod through a book that she would normally avoid simply because the
    paragraphs were long! We will be back. What a marvelous opportunity you are gifting this library and children with. I am grateful we found you! Thank you. (yes, it made me cry- I’m a sappy mom) Cathy

  9. Hey there, Rhythm! I saw your comment on The Corner of Character about your nostalgic school smell. I actually helped create the Smells graphic Barbara referenced and would love a chance to chat more with you about it. Being a dog and all, I bet you have LOADS more interesting school smells to tell me about. πŸ™‚

    Is there an email I could contact? Or feel free to shoot me over an email. Thanks!

  10. Hi Rhythm it’s me Daniel you’ll probably know that with my name on top, just wondering how you’re doing oh and say hi to Eliie for me, love you bye bye.

  11. Oh and I did a power point on Sam Houston if you want to come to innovation day pt. 2 on the 29th I hope I see you there it’s me Daniel.

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  13. I love your blog. Would you be interested in reviewing another book about puppies in training to be Canine Companion for Independence service dogs (Let the Dogs Speak! by Marianne McKiernan)? I’d be happy to send you a copy of the book. All of the author royalties are donated to Canine Companions.

  14. I work at Guide Dogs South Australia and we are writing a letter to our donors explaining the history of Guide Dogs. We would love to include the photo of Morris Frank and Buddy on your website.
    Is this ok? If it is – are you happy to send us a Jpeg file that is high resolution? I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. Hi Rhythm, I have been missing you and had hoped you’d returned from going back to work (your last post, one year ago). It looks like maybe blogging was not for you. That’s okay, you are doing much better things at the library. Still, I have missed you. Today is National Mutt Day and–though I have no idea if you are truly a mixed-breed–I thought of you. Here’s to hoping whatever you and your “master” are up to, the two of you are happy and safe.

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