Crazy Hair

I have some crazy hair. Not the long, flowing, curly kind, but the flying everywhere kind. I shed. A lot. I leave trails wherever I go. Everyday I get brushed and combed and furminated. And sometimes I get vacuumed. I like getting vacuumed. Yet the hair still drops wherever I go.

dog fuzzAt school the kids are always fascinated by my hair. While they read to me they are messing with my hair. If the Mom Person is reading, they brush me with their fingers and collect handfuls of hair. They always want to take some home with them. The Mom Person carries some with her wherever she goes (on her clothes, hehe!). She loves having a bit of me with her all the time. πŸ˜€

This is not actually me, but it could be. Someone was very clever. The Mom Person has a friend who knitted a sweater with her dog’s hair. Crazy.

My Princesses were here recently for a short visit and we read a book about Crazy Hair. Not the shedding kind of Crazy Hair, but the long, unmanageable kind of Crazy Hair.

The book is called Crazy Hair!!

IMG_5049Written by Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by Dave McKean
Published by Harper Collins in 2009

This is a crazy book about some REALLY crazy hair!! Scary kind of crazy hair. With stuff living in it. It’s written in some fun, jivey rhyme and is fun to read. The illustrations are FANTABULOUS!!!! It begins with a young girl, Bonnie, telling the narrator that he has crazy hair. Then –

I said, “Miss,
How do you dare
Talk about my
crazy hair?
This hair, you know,
Is all my own
Since I was two
My hair has grown.
Birds fly down
From everywhere
Nesting in my
crazy hair.”

IMG_5039He then proceeds to tell her all about the birds and other wild beasts that live in his hair. Hunters have expeditions and get lost. There are musicians and dancers and hot air balloons! Carousels and pirate ships! The Noodle Princess, who is 3, was a little terrified by the thought of those kinds of goings on in someone’s hair and worried about what might be in her hair! I won’t tell you how the story ends – but it is a little scary!

IMG_5042I don’t think I have anything living in my hair. I think it’s a pretty safe place to run your hands through. This book is one crazy read!!! You really need to check it out!

Ms Gruener at The Corner on Character recently did a post about hair and shared a really charming video that i would now like to share with you. And feel free to visit Ms Gruener at her blog HERE and see the whole inspiring post. She is a school counselor and does some really fine things at her school.

I wish for you a Good Hair Day!
Your friend with the Furminator

Copy of img311

14 thoughts on “Crazy Hair

  1. Oh yes, I know the shedding dog hair quite well! πŸ™‚ My Kindergartener recently read a story to a Golden Retriever at the library. He loved it! He even got to fill the dog’s water bowl a bit, give him a treat, and received a bookmark at the end with the dog’s name on it…made his day! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad to hear you are also a shedding mess, like me, R. I get Furminated every few days, but it doesn’t help. Mom threatens to save the hair, build a new dog, and throw me in the garbage. Gah!

    Love and licks,

    • No, Erik, that Furminator is actually pretty nice. Kind of a nice back scratcher. If you get a dog, you will learn about Furminators! As to the book, I think that you would like it – the illustrations are wild and Crazy!!

  3. Several years ago while I was at the San Diego County Fair, I saw a young man with spiked hair. However, the spike was the tallest I had ever seen, at least three feet. I asked him if I could take his picture. He said yes. I did. I gave him $20. I got two great pictures and he got $20 for more spike gel, I suppose…………

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