Napping Day

Today is National Napping Day. A day to recover from the weekend when we all lost an hour somewhere. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I had a fantastic book picked out to celebrate with. A really good go-to-bed read. But, alas, I could not find it on our shelves and our library doesn’t have it and the Princesses couldn’t find their copy. All of these books must be napping somewhere.

Anyway, the book is The Napping House.

Napping_HouseWritten by Audrey Wood
Illustrated by Don Wood
Published by HMH Books for Young Readers in 2000

This is a fabulous, fun romp in the bed. It starts with Granny in the bed and then everyone piles on! Kind of like the story of the House That Jack Built.

You definitely need to check this book out! And then go take a nap. Alone. On a nice bed. A long one. Like I would like to do. After a long week with the Godzilla Pup, I deserve a good quiet nap.

IMG_5265I need to teach this young lady about napping. It’s good for your health and good for the soul. Napping is a very good thing.

For more about Napping Day, visit the Huffington Post HERE.

Or if you don’t mind a lot of ads jumping out at you The Examiner has a nice article HERE.

Here’s what napping should be about —

I wish you sweet dreams, always
Your Friend

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