The Hound Dog’s Haiku

I understand that April is National Poetry Month. I don’t know a lot about poetry. I like to listen to the Rhythm of a good poem. Poetry sounds nice to my ears. I try to get my reading buddies to read poetry to me, but I’m not always successful. When I was the official Library Dog at school I seemed to have better luck steering kids to poetry books. I even had some kids writing poems about me!

IMG_1934Here are a couple that came my way —

Golden fur everywhere
On the ground
or floating around.
She is sweet
She is furry.
She likes to sleep and sit.
Rhythm is who she is.

The Dog Called Rhythm
Hairy, sweet, yellow
She snores, rolls, chews all around
Rhythm is her name.

Now those are unbelievably lovely poems!! But I also have an unbelievably fantastic book for you as well! After all, this IS Perfect Picture Book Friday!

IMG_5701The Hound Dog’s Haiku
and Other Poems for Dog Lovers

by Michael J. Rosen
illustrated by Mary Azarian
Published by Candlewick Press in 2011

Theme – poetry, dogs

This is a book of Haiku poems about dogs. There are 20 dog breeds represented here. Each with an incredible wood block portrait done by Mary Azarian. Ms Azarian can create magic with a block of wood. The poem for the Labrador Retriever is –

the first duck splash-lands
speck in the iced pond’s lone eye
soon … the chase restarts

IMG_5705At the end of the book are several pages with notes about each of the breeds described in the poems. It is a book for dog lovers and lovers of poetry alike.

Of course if you are going to read a book of Haiku with your little people, then you must have them create their own Haiku!

You can read about Haiku at HERE.
You might also visit the Haiku Society website HERE.

You might want to let your little people try their hand at print making –
Try this link from Pinterest
Or HERE for some more printmaking

And if your are really ambitious here is a video of REAL wood block art making –

And after all of that, you might want to venture over to Susanna Hill’s blog for a list of Perfect Picture Books and some great resources to go with!

Happy Rhyming!
Your friend

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52 thoughts on “The Hound Dog’s Haiku

  1. I’ve always loved haikus, and how perfect THIS book really is! 🙂 And the images of your dogs “reading” books is so precious. Great poems about Rhythm, too 🙂

  2. You find the most unusual dog books. I really like this choice. Entertaining and educational at the same time. Love that it is in Haiku. And, I love the poems the kids wrote about you Rhythm!

    • Don’t i have some talented reading buddies?! I’m trying to teach that little squirrely pup a thing or two. She’s trying, but she’s like a little pre-schooler and has trouble being still. She just wants to jump right into the middle of things. Sheesh.

  3. HI RHYTHM! My PPBF choice is about dogs as well and it also rhymes! Amazing how great minds think alike. I’Ve always liked haiku’s and so enjoy poetry…I ‘m just not good at it…

  4. This looks like a really good book, Rhythm! And I love the photos of you and your woofy reading partner — even if she is a little trying at times. (I saw that pun in the comments. Very good!)

  5. What a cool way to make an illustrations. I love it. It must be difficult and time consuming to carve all of that out, but it is so worth the effort. Those illustrations will rock. I like the haiku about Rhythm. What a lucky fellow he is to have such devoted fans.

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