Ranch Dog

I’m not actually a Ranch Dog. I live with some ranch type animals – goats and chickens and a pony. But I don’t consider MYSELF a ranch type animal. I do like playing in their woods and rolling around in their yards and eating their snacks. But I’m not a Ranch Dog. I’m a Library / School Dog. Of the highest caliber. It’s my job to make sure that kids are doing their work and to help them study.

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And at school the other day we read a book about a REAL Ranch Dog. Charlie.


Charlie the Ranch Dog was written by Ree Drummond and illustrated by Diane deGroat. It was published by Harper Collins in 2011.

It’s a pretty cute book. Charlie is a Bassett Hound who lives on a ranch. He tells us he’s a ranch dog. We are introduced to his best friend Suzie who is nothing like Charlie. Very different dogs. Charlie points out all the ways that they are different. Then he tells us all about his jobs on the ranch. Like chasing the cows out of the yard and sniffing out critters under the porch and helping Mama in the garden. But, the pictures tell a very different story than the words! The kids thought this was very funny! And this is what makes picture books so terrific! They can tell 2 stories at the same time! What a great thing! And Ms Drummond and Ms deGroat are a great team to make this work out so well!

The illustrations in this book are super. Charlie and Suzie exhibit great expression. You can tell it’s really hard work being a ranch dog. Ms deGroat did an excellent job with this book.



The kids and I give Charlie the Ranch Dog —     4 Paws and quite a few thumbs up!

You should check it out!!

Ms Drummond is a famous blogger and food person. You may know her as the Pioneer Woman. You might want to check out her blog.

And here’s a little video of some real working cow dogs. Whew!

16 thoughts on “Ranch Dog

  1. Ooo Rhyth, that’s really cute! You’re very smart. 🙂 Franco, my Golden, feels very inspired when he sees your blog, he might give it a try himself, I think. Have a great week!
    Love Dina

  2. Charlie the Ranch dog sounds like so much fun for kids. With a granddaughter, I’m realizing the older she gets, how she is drawn to animals books — especially dogs and cats. Love the photos and how the kids just love your dog during reading.

  3. I continue to be amazed and awe-inspired by the vast array of costumes you have amassed. I must begin this process myself, although I find it difficult to find hats that accommodate my horns. Surely I will find some on the internet.

  4. This sounds like a good one for one of my imagination exercises – I’ll read the story without showing the pictures first, have the kids tell me what they have ‘seen in their heads’ and then read it again, showing the pictures. It’s a fun game.

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