Let’s Go to the Library!

I’d like to take you on a tour of my library! The Somervell County Library in Glen Rose, Tx. Come on in. This is a Grand library, with lots and lots and lots of books. Even more than we have at our house! There are history books and cookbooks and how – to books and science books and gardening books and books just for fun. Everything under the sun!  And if you can’t find a book that you are really really wanting, the very fine ladies that take care of the library can find the book for you through another library! Is that smart or what?

These ladies are outstanding! They work so hard – helping people find books, putting books back on shelves, checking books out, checking books in. I give them 4 paws up!

The library has lots and lots of big windows so the sun can shine in. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and watch the squirrels playing outside. My favorite place in the library is where all the picture books are. That’s usually where all the kids are, too!  They have some really cute chairs there that I don’t fit in.

Along with all the books, there are lots of computers at the library! Now who would want to look at that computer when there are all these books around?! But there are always lots of people sitting at those computers. I don’t know what they are doing. Looking stuff up or playing games, I guess. Sometimes I go visit  these folks because they just look too serious.

Me and Walker are the only dogs at the library. I don’t know if other libraries have dogs that come visit. I’ve heard that some libraries have cats! My Mom Person even read me a book one time about a library cat named Dewey. Crazy! Does your library have dogs or cats? Or maybe a kangaroo? I’ve never seen a kangaroo.

Libraries sure are great places to visit. You can sit and read, or do some research or your homework, or just come in out of the weather.  I think that libraries are about the only place that you can just go hang out in all day and never have to buy anything!! I love the library!!

These are some other library places you might want to check out —

American Library Association

Public Libraries

A History of Libraries

Going Beyond Survival in the School Library

Go check out your library!  And then tell me what’s so special about it!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Go to the Library!

  1. Thanks for the mention, Rhythm. You have a wonderful library. I wish I could have dogs and cats in my library, but unfortunately some of the children at my school are allergic to animals and it would be a shame if they couldn’t come to the library. I do get to go home to my very good friend Katy, who is a very gentle creature too. I think you would love her as much as I do.

    • What type of creature is Katy? It’s nice to have someone cuddly to go home to. Maybe you could post a picture of Katy and we could kind of meet that way. I sure do like seeing pictures of your library. I’ll bet you have lots of great kids who come and enjoy it.

      • Just discovered this in my oh-so-scary inbox. My apologies for not replying sooner. There’s a picture of Katy on this post. She’s a dear mixed-breed dog – border-collie, lab and something bull-dogish we think. She is sweet, gentle and entirely attached to us, especially my husband; she listens to every word and picks up on every nuance. You never have to call her, because she’s always right there by your side.

        • wow! you are one busy, clever lady! I didn’t know that you had other blogs. Katy does look like an awesome pup! And this river looks alot like my river. Except it has more water than mine usually does. I love my river. And I sure like your pictures of your Fish Trap.

          • Thank you, Rhythm. Actually I’m a bit crazy – off in all directions as they say, but life it good. The North Thompson is a beautiful and important river in B.C., but all rivers are beautiful and important and I am drawn to them much like I imagine you are.

            • Our river is just a small thing, but is an important one because there are lots of dinosaur tracks that travel thru it. It’s very temperamental — most of the time only ankle deep, but after a storm rising 20 ft and becoming an angry monster. I don’t go near it then, but that’s when the kayaks and canoes come by. Rivers are magical places.

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