Goin’ to the Doctor

I went to the doctor the other day. I actually have 2 doctors that I go to. One is for my vaccinations and when I get sick or break a toe or stuff like that. The other one is for making me feel good all over. I don’t like going to that 1st one. She’s what is called a traditional doctor. She’s nice enough, but I’m never quite sure what she’s going to be doing to me.

But going to visit the 2nd one is a really special treat! I always know that whatever he does is GOOD! He’s what is called a non-traditional doctor. He does acupuncture and chiropractic and other magical things. I’ve been having some back problems that make my back legs kind of wobbly. It’s a real nuisance. So I go to visit Dr Bruton about once a month.



He sticks little needles down my back and then hooks up some wires that make me kind of tingle all over. The big red light and the little blue light are some kind of heat/laser lights that feel really good. After he does all of that stuff he gives me a good massage all over and gets all the kinks out of my back.

I also have allergies and lately I’ve been itching a lot. The Mom Person is always after me to quit chewing on my feet! So you see that little plastic bag sitting on my back? That’s full of gunk from our vacuum cleaner. Dr Bruton puts that on me while he does his magic and it’s supposed to desensitize me. I guess it works because I’m not itchy anymore at all! Like I said, the doctor is magic! And so is his assistant, Sarah. She always knows that exact spot that needs some care. I LOVE going to visit Dr Bruton and Sarah!

When we got home we read a couple of books about going to the doctor. The Mom Person found a cute Little Golden Book called Doctor Dan the Bandage Man. I like that title!


It was first published in 1950! That was a long time ago! It was written by Helen Gaspard and illustrated by Corinne Malvern. Young Dan cuts his finger while playing cowboys with his friends. His Mom tells him not to worry, she’ll clean it up and put a bandage on it and all will be well. And so it was! Then Dan turns into Doctor Dan! His sister’s doll has a tumble from the wagon and gets a booboo on her head. Doctor Dan to the rescue! Then his sister has a scrape, and his dog hurts his paw, and Dad gets a cut. Doctor Dan fixes them all. It’s a pretty cute book!


The next book came from the library. The title is Little Whistle’s Medicine. Written by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Tim Bowers. It was published by Harcourt, Inc. in 2002. Little Whistle is a cute little hamster who lives in a toy store. At night all the toys come to life and go around visiting each other. Little Whistle wants to visit the Soldier who tells stories, but the Soldier has bumped his head and doesn’t feel like telling stories. Little Whistle goes all over the toy story asking all the toys if anyone can help. Finally the Mother Doll directs him to the doctor kits and Little Whistle is set to become Doctor Little Whistle! So he bandages up the Soldier and all is well! I didn’t know that bandages had such restorative powers!! Incredible!

I hope that you all have no need for bandages or doctors any time soon! As for me — I’m feeling fine!

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Doctor Maisy and the Stethoscope!

Camden came to read with us at the library this evening. He has just started Kindergarten and is having a great time learning about school. He was very excited to show off his reading skills with Doctor Maisy by Lucy Cousins. The last time Camden came to the library, he read me a story about Little Critter going to the hospital. He must want to be a doctor when he grows up! I think he likes stethoscopes!  That’s a funny word! Stethoscope! In Maisy’s book, she and her friend Tallulah use one on poor Panda who is sick. They take good care of Panda. But then Maisy needs help, too so Nurse Tallulah takes over. It was a very cute book and Camden liked reading it.

I think I’ve told you how I don’t like to go to the doctor’s office. I don’t mind that Stethoscope so much. But I worry about the poking and prodding. And Shots! Oh, My!!

How do you feel about the doctor’s office? What does your dog think about going to the doctor? My buddy, Walker, actually likes to go!  He’s kind of a strange guy. When we both have to go see the doctor, my poor Mom Person has Walker pulling her to get in the door, and I’m pulling her the other way to get back to the car. I’d like to know how other dogs feel about a trip to the doctor.

Maybe you should read Doctor Maisy!

Go check it out!!!