What Every Kid Should Know Before They Are Five!

We read a cute book at the library this evening. It’s a picture book which is my favorite type of book. And it’s got lots of good information. It’s called Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five by Valorie Fisher. I think it’s too late for me because I’m 9. But I do know some of this stuff. Like counting. I can count to 3. And colors. I’m supposed to be color blind, but I can always find my favorite pink tennis ball amongst the yellow ones.

My Mom Person says that this is a really colorful book. I guess it is. It does have cute pictures. They aren’t drawings – they’re real pictures, but they’re pictures of toys doing silly things instead of real people, so it’s kind of funny. Like little toy dolls standing on their heads. Or scrubbing giant ladybugs.

  Other things that Ms Fisher thinks 5 year olds should know are the alphabet, and shapes, and opposites, and the seasons. It’s a really nice book, but it doesn’t have 1 single dog in it! Ms. Fisher has her own blog with lots of stuff about her fun books. You should check it out (http://blog.valoriefisher.com/).

I think kids will really like this book even tho there aren’t any dogs.

You should check it out!!