Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this week. The day to celebrate love and friendship and giving. I found a couple of lovely little books that we will be sending to my Princesses.

IMG_4923I Haiku You is a little book of loving haiku. I’m hoping that it will inspire the Ladybug Princess to spread her ladybug wings and dream up some poetry of her own. It was written and illustrated by Betsy Snyder and published by Random House Children’s Books in 2012.

This book is filled with haiku poems and pictures of young people going through their day, filling it with joy for their friends and life around them. My favorite is:

wiggle-wag tail love,
sloppy-smoochy-poochy love,
true-furry-friend love!

IMG_4928This is a really cute book. The poems and the illustrations are simple and cheery. A perfect treat for my valentines!

The Valentine by Monique Felix was published by Creative Editions, originally in 1991, but we have a newer copy published in 2013.

The is a very different little book. A wordless book. I love wordless books. They leave so much to the imagination! It begins with a picture of a mouse. A sad little mouse. I’m thinking that the mouse is trying to imagine the perfect valentine. And then he gets a great idea! He starts with a piece of paper and proceeds to chew a hole in it. The hole takes the shape of a heart! Then he chews around the edges and does some folding and Voila!! He has a house with a heart shaped hole in the roof! To share with his friend!

IMG_4927Ms Snyder was featured on the Writing and Illustrating blog with a nice interview.

You can find a list of more books by Monique Felix at Goodreads HERE.

I present to you a trailer for I Haiku You

And I leave you with a haiku from my own brain –

Ears prick to listen
Rhythm” floats in on the wind
Love calls me – Mom

This week also happens to be Random Acts of Kindness week. The official RAK website is a grand place for Kindness Inspiration. Another grand place for a Kindness and Joy fix is a blog belonging to Ms Barbara Gruener called The Corner on Character. Ms Gruener is a school counselor who radiates Kindness and Joy. You might pay her a visit!

And here’s a little video that she posted this weekend that will fill you with hope and JOY —

I hope you find some good books for your special Valentine and maybe you will be inspired to write some Haiku of your own! Or send someone a letter!
From you library friend
Copy of img311

My Heart is Thumping!

It seems it’s time to prepare for the holiday of the heart — Valentine’s Day. It also seems as though the last few months have been one endless holiday! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Princesses arriving, Groundhog’s Day, now Valentine’s Day! I think that Human People just like to find reasons to party. Which is OK by me!


This weekend the Mom Person dug out all the Heart Stuff. My frilly attire, heart bandannas, heart glasses, heart fetching toys, and heart books. She likes for me to be holiday appropriate when we go out visiting.

We read a lot of Valentine Books at the library the other evening. I think that I am going to introduce you to all of them and then tell you the one I liked the best.



And my TWO favorites —

sweet heartsimg274

Sweet Hearts by Jan Carr and illustrated by Dorothy Donohue was published by Holiday House in 2003. It is a sweet book about a little Panda who hides Valentines all over his house for all the members of his family. Even his dog! The book includes directions for making paper Valentines and a short history of Valentine’s Day. But the really special thing about this book is the illustrations! They are collages created from paper cut outs with glitter and ribbon — just like a valentine!  Both Ms Carr and Ms Donohue have fantastic websites that you can visit if you click on their names above.

One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell was published by the Trumpet Club in 1981. It is the story of 2 friends, Marvin and Milton who decide to make Valentines for the whole neighborhood — a zillion! They get out their paints and scissors and crayons and lots of paper. They make all kinds of Valentines and then go to every house in the neighborhood and slip one under each door. And that puts smiles on everybody’s faces! But they have lots left over. A zillion is a lot! So they sell the left over Valentines and use the money to buy a big heart full of chocolates that they share with each other. This book is full of smiles and friendship and hard work that pays off in good feelings. I love this book! Joy, Joy!!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you make valentines or buy valentines? Do you do chocolate? Do you read books? Do you have any favorites to share? I’m hoping I’ll get some yummy treats!  And I hope you do, too! Maybe you’ll find a sweet valentine under your door! Or in your shoe! Or under your pillow! Or beside your breakfast dish! Joy, Joy!!