Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go to Sleep

I like to sleep

Any time, any place, any how

Most dogs are pretty good sleepers. I understand that dogs tend to sleep about 14 hours a day. If they have nothing better to do. We can drop and sleep or jump up and go – whatever circumstances call for. I don’t know of any dog night owls. Even our Dogzilla pup sleeps at night. All night. Every night.

But I guess not all critters are as flexible and adaptable as dogs. We recently read a really funny book about some sheep that couldn’t sleep. I don’t think sheep are very bright, when it comes down to it.

IMG_0298Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go to Sleep
by Bruce Arant
published by Peter Pauper Press, Inc. in 2013

It begins –
Farmer Simpson works all day.
He plants his corn and beans and hay.
His feet get tired, his nose gets red.
At night, he likes to go to bed.

Farmer Simpson is a hard working gentleman. He deserves a good night’s rest. Most of his farm animals like their sleep, too. The cows and the pigs and the chickens all fall asleep like they should. But not those silly sheep! They find all kinds of excuses not to. Poor Farmer Simpson! It’s enough to make a guy weep! Those sheep who won’t sleep! What’s a man to do?! IMG_0313Well, I won’t tell you his secret. But, that farmer is one clever guy. He does come up with a cozy solution to the problem at hand.

My readers laughed a lot at those silly sheep! And at the silly illustrations of piles of cows and pigs and chickens snoozing and snoring away. The story itself is kind of like a Rhythmic lullaby. Those kids told me stories about putting their animals to bed at night. They all had dogs who slept with them in bed! That’s an excellent thing! Nobody had any sheep though, so I don’t know if this sleepless sheep thing is universal or not.

I know that my Mom Person sometimes doesn’t want to go to sleep at night. And I think there are some youngsters who have that same problem. This might be a good book to talk about those kinds of things. What do you need to get to sleep? Some hot cocoa? A cuddly teddy bear? A warm, cuddly dog? A lullaby?

Now I wish you a good night and sweet dreams

Your library friend
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Counting Sheep

sheep 2I’ve gone to the sheep today. We don’t have sheep here at the 7 Acre Wood. We have goats. I don’t know a lot about sheep. They look like goats to me. But I hear that they are very different. I hear that goats are smarter than sheep. I don’t really know.

But we read a couple of pretty cute books about sheep that I would like to share.

IMG_1060Hide and Sheep was written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by Bill Mayer. It was published by Margaret K. McElderry Books in 2011. It is a counting book. I like counting books. On the back of the book it says “They’re baa baa BAAD!”  And these are bad sheep.  It’s time for Farmer McFitt to shear the sheep and knit clothes. But the sheep have disappeared! They’re on the run and I guess that Farmer McFitt is in hot pursuit. It is not entirely clear. In the 1st page spread 10 frisky lambs have run away to the zoo. And on the next page spread 9 sheep have joined the circus. So I guess that Farmer McFitt caught one. It is not entirely clear. But on each page spread there is a new scenario with one less sheep. Until the end where they have all been sheared and their clothes knit and it’s time to stop counting sheep and go to bed!

IMG_1062Sheep in a Jeep is a book that has been around for a long time and is a favorite at school. It was written by Nancy Shaw and illustrated by Margot Apple. It was published by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1986. Ms Shaw has created quite a series of books with her sheep. I’ve not read all of them but I would bet that they are all great books. These sheep are nothing but well-meaning, fun-loving trouble. They go for a ride in a jeep, but aren’t very good drivers. They can’t get it to go, so they push it down a hill where it gets stuck in a giant mud hole. Some pigs help them push it out, then they forget to steer and crash into a tree. The sheep are quite silly and fun. But the text is the thing. Lots of rhyme and alliteration. Sheep shouting and shrugging and weeping. Jeeps in a heap. It’s great!

Both of these books show sheep in a not so intelligent light. And they sound just like my silly goats at home. Just trouble. Both books are worth checking out. I think I like the Sheep in a Jeep the best. I was not really happy with the illustrations in Hide and Sheep. The cover is really cute and I had high expectations, but the pictures on the inside were kind of weird. Kind of blurry or something. I don’t know, but they were not really pleasant to look at.

I hope you’ve had a trouble free day! Stay away from sheep! Trouble!

And for your amazement — some extreme sheep herding!