Happy Easter!!


It’s Easter! What does Easter mean to you?  Around here, for the humans that I live with, it means Church and Family and Easter Egg Hunts. I like the egg hunts. I’m very good at finding yummy eggs. But for me, Easter is Springtime. It means the sweet smell of bluebonnets and the pungent aroma of skunks. Ummmmmm! It means soft, green grass to munch and roll in. It means hearing birds singing in the mornings. It usually means rain which means mud puddles and water in the river. I like Easter.

I’ve got some books to share with you. My favorite Easter ones that the Mom Person reads to me every year.


Max’s Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells was published by Dial Books for Young Readers in 1989. I love Rosemary Wells and I love stories about bunnies and I especially love Max!  He is a particularly funny bunny. In this book he wants that chocolate chicken, but he has to find Easter eggs first and the one who finds the most gets the chicken. His sister Ruby is finding lots of eggs while Max gets distracted by mud puddles and acorns. Who will get the chicken? You must read it and find out!!


A Surprise for Easter by Pete Bowman was published by Aladdin Books in 1992. It is a fascinating book. It’s called a revolving book. On each page is a round picture with a little tab. And if you pull the tab around the circle, the picture changes! Magic! It’s a cute story about an enormous egg that Mother Hen laid. All the other animals decide to decorate it for the fair. And they do a beautiful job! There is a big surprise at the end that you will have to read for yourself!


The Golden Egg Book is a Little Golden Book written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Lilian Obligado. It was published by Western Publishing Co. in 1975. It was originally published in 1947! This cute little bunny finds an egg. But he doesn’t know what’s inside. He imagines all kinds of things. Then he does all kinds of things to try to get whatever it is out. He shakes it and jumps on it and rolls it down a hill and throws rocks at it. What will come out?! And how long must he wait?! You must read it and find out!

IMG_1417I hope you have a bountiful Easter full of everything that is special to you. Church, Family, egg hunts, bunnies, baskets and JOY! Easter is all about JOY!!

Max’s Bunny Business

The barefoot, freckled face boys visited the library this week. I love these boys! They kick their shoes off as soon as they come in and they always are covered with good smells!. Smells of dirt and woods and lunch. Love smells. And they love the library and books and Labrador retrievers!

Caleb always wants to walk us around the library and show us all of the beautiful books. But Eli just wants to read. Book after book after book. He doesn’t read much himself. He likes for the Mom Person to read to us, but he’s learning a little.

This trip he brought his little bunny to share with us. And picked out a book with a bunny. Max’s Bunny Business by Rosemary Wells.

I like that Max bunny. He’s kind of a crazy little guy. And he reminds me of the barefoot boys! In this book, his sister, Ruby, and her friend, Louise, set up a lemonade stand to make some money to buy some sparkly jewelry. Max wants to help, but the girls won’t let him. Poor Max.

But Max comes up with an idea all his own and “turns the table” on those girls!  This is a funny, cute book. The pictures are big and bright. The words are pretty simple and easy to read. And the story offers a lot of points to think about. I like stories that make kids think! Eli liked it alot. We read it a couple of times. I think that his bunny liked it, too. And Caleb even sat and listened for the whole book!

I give Max’s Bunny Business 4 paws. You should check it out!

And Rosemary Wells has a great website that you should check out as well!