Eating out

The other day I told you all about some fine “eating out” opportunities in Glen Rose. While doing that post, we did a lot of reading at the library of books about eating out at restaurants and just eating in general. The fine Library Ladies did some research and came up with a big stack of books. Whew! You would not believe how many picture books there are about eating out!! I picked out my favorites to share with you.


img407The Berenstain Bears are always a fun read. And a favorite with most kids. The Berenstain Bears Go Out to Eat is a nice story about a nice family who does their chores without whining, they work hard, and are considerate of one another. It was written by Jan & Mike Berenstain and published by Harper Festival in 2010. The family decides to take Mama out to dinner because she works hardest of anyone. The dinner out does not go completely smoothly, but no one complains or gets upset. They enjoy each other’s company and the kids even eat their broccoli! And Mama says it’s just what she needed!!

froggyFroggy Eats Out is by Jonathan London with illustrations by Frank Remkiewicz. It was published by Viking in 2001. Froggy is another favorite. He is such a joyfully enthusiastic critter! In this story, Froggy is hungry and dreaming about burgers and flies. Flies! His mother tells him that they are going out to eat at a fancy restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. Froggy has to put on his nice clothes – zip, zut, zoop! Then they’re off to the fancy restaurant where mother says he has to “be neat, be quiet, and don’t put your feet on the table.” Froggy has a hard time being still and does a lot of silly things and ends up making a big embarrassing mess. So they decide they need to go eat at a fast flies place instead and there they have a wonderful time. Happy ending!

img406On Top of Spaghetti was written and illustrated by Paul Brett Johnson and based on the song with lyrics by Tom Glazer. It was published by Scholastic Press in 2006. This is a really cute, funny book. It’s the story of Yodeler Jones who has a spaghetti restaurant and decides he needs to come up with the most dee-licious meatball around. But his helper mouse SNEEZED! and the meatball rolled out of the door — and the chase is on! The meatball flies down the street ricocheting off people’s heads until it lands under a bush and turns into mush. And if you know the song — you know what happens next! Words and music for the song are at the end of the book. And recipes are on the back. An all around yummy book!!

princess pickyPrincess Picky is by Marjorie Priceman and published by Roaring Brook Press in 2002. It’s about a princess who refuses to eat her vegetables. Her worried dad, the King, orders his staff to come up with fantastic bribes to entice her to eat. The bribes are all pretty silly until the wizard asks her what she wants and then gives her some magic seeds that will surely bring her all of those things. It’s a cute book with some wacky, fun illustrations.

dinosAnd since I live in the Land of the Dinosaurs, of course I have a dinosaur book for you! How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? is by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague. It was published by Blue Sky Press in 2005. This duo makes for great books. There is a whole series of these books about how dinosaurs do things — like say good night, and get well, and count to ten and ….. I love all of these books and you need to check them all out because they are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!!

neverAnd I think my favorite of this bunch of books is a Charlie and Lola book titled I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato. I LOVE Charlie and Lola, and so do the kids at the library. This is another series of fun books by Lauren Child. I love the pictures in these books — they’re kind of collages with real photos mixed in with simple artwork. This story is kind of like the picky princess. Here, Lola is the picky princess. She won’t eat anything until Charlie figures out how to trick her into eating. He’s very clever!!! And you’ll have to read it to find out what he does!!

Here is the official website for the Berenstain Bears

A video interview with Mark Teague

And a special TREAT!  Little Richard sings On Top of Spaghetti!


Well, you’ve floated down the river and driven through Fossil Rim and fed all those yummy pellets to the giraffe. I’ll bet you’re feeling a little hungry about now. Let me introduce you to some fine eating establishments in Glen Rose!

We’ll start with my very favorite place to go — Dairy Queen!!!


I don’t know if all of you folks out there are familiar with this fine eatery. It’s kind of a Texas icon. They’re famous for their ice cream treats. Cones and Dilly Bars and Buster Bars and shakes and cakes and Blizzards.  But they also make burgers and chicken and FRENCH FRIES! Whenever Walker and I go to work – to the library or the detention center or the hospital, we get to go get french fries afterwards. And DQ has the best! AND, they always have dog biscuits for us as well! The BEST place!

We have other burger places in town as well. The Green Pickle has a large variety of burgers and chicken fried steak. And I know that they have excellent burgers because they are always tooo big for the Mom Person to finish so she brings some home to share with us.

IMG_2252Another favorite establishment is the Storiebook Cafe. It’s a cafe and bookstore all in one! They offer sandwiches and soup and stuff like that. And you can browse the books while you’re there. I’ve had doggie bags from here as well and I can testify that they make very fine sandwiches! No fries though.

There are a couple of Barbecue places in town. The Ranch House is especially dog friendly. They used to have a big porch where it was ok for dogs to come sleep under the table and soak in the good smells. They have recently enclosed said porch which is a sad thing. Hammonds is the other Barbecue place. They have a big buffet for lunchtime guests. And doggie bags from both of these places are yummmmmy!

There are several Mexican restaurants and pizza places and pretty much your choice of fast food places. No McDonalds! This makes the Mom Person very happy for some reason. There’s a Chinese restaurant and a Cajun one. We’re pretty multi-cultural here. There’s even — Hollywood and Vine! They’re mostly a burger joint but I understand they have other stuff on the menu as well.


Several of these places have live music on weekends. The Hollywood and Vine, Storiebook Cafe and The Green Pickle. I’ve heard some of this music from afar and it’s pretty good stuff.

When you go to restaurants, I happen to know that sometimes you have to wait around a lot. To get a table, to get a menu, to get your food. And all that waiting can get pretty boring. I know. I’ve been there! Well, I have just the thing for you! A book of course!


While You’re Waiting for the Food to Come is a must have book for any dining event. It is by Eric Muller with illustrations by Eldon Doty. It was published by Orchard Books in 1999. It is “A Tabletop Science Activity Book” subtitled “experiments and tricks that can be done at a restaurant, the dining room table, or wherever food is served.” 76 pages of all kinds of fun stuff to do at the table! With a glossary and further resources at the back. Excellent!

And now to finish it all off you can stop by and visit the Pie Peddlers!! Ms Ford and Ms Cagle used to be Kindergarten teachers and I used to visit them at school. But now they make pies! Every kind of pie you can think of! Chocolate and Pecan and Cherry and Apple and on and on and on………

IMG_2399They were recently voted Best Pie in Texas by the Texas Country Reporter, a Texas travel TV show. They are a couple of really friendly ladies and their pie shop is a good place to kick back and relax. I highly recommend that cherry pie!

Now after you’ve filled your belly with all this fine food, you might want to just stay the night in Glen Rose. We have several nice motels and quite a few Bed & Breakfast places with mighty fine beds. Some are right in town and some are on the rivers.

I’m going to leave you with some links to more information if you are so inclined.

IMG_1722Y’all come on out for a visit some time! There’s plenty to see and do around here. I didn’t even tell you about the Expo Center where there are rodeos and horse shows and dog shows — something every weekend. And our passion play, The Promise, that has performances in an outdoor amphitheater during the fall. And our art museums and regular events for artists. Whew! Always something!

Visit Glen Rose website

Glen Rose CVB website

Glen Rose Expo and Amphitheater website

Now a little musical send-off – about PIE! See ya!

Restaurant Mishap

Do you ever go to restaurants? I’m sure you do. I think most humans go quite often. I don’t. Most eating establishments frown on dog hair. Well, sometimes I get to sit with the humans on a patio. That’s nice. And well, I do get to go to the cafeteria at school. That’s kind of a restaurant. And well, I did get to go to restaurants a lot when I was a youngster.

I got to go to these places because I needed to learn all the rules about good behavior in an eating place. You humans have lots of rules. Like not stretching out so people wouldn’t trip on me. Like not eating all the french fries that kids drop on the floor. Like not whining. Most of the time, a place under the table provided for a nice nap. Sometimes, if it was crowded under the table, we pups would party a little. That was frowned upon.

Kids have to learn a lot of rules, too. Kids and pups are a lot alike, I think. Kids have to sit still, and not drop french fries, and not whine or be loud. It’s tough! And I have a great book for you all about those rules!

Our favorite 2nd Grade teacher, Ms Julie is presenting this book for us. Ms Julie belongs to the Mom Person and we sometimes visit her class. She has a friend, Conner Hill, who has written a little book called Restaurant Mishap. This is the 1st book in his Stubby Stories series. Conner is 11 years old. The book is illustrated by C. Carlyle McCullough and was published by Aero Studios in 2012.

conner hillconner hill

Conner came to Ms Julie’s school recently to talk about his book and sign some for the kids. He has a nice smile. I bet he likes dogs.

And Ms Julie’s class has a review for us of Restaurant Mishap!

Today, our new friend, Conner Hill, came to visit our school. He is 11 years old and is a published author! Conner told us that it is not too early to start working toward a dream career. He said we can start now while we are kids, and not even have to wait until we are grown-ups! We all thought that was really awesome!

Synopsis — “This book is all about a boy who goes to a fancy restaurant, and makes mistakes.
In the beginning of the story, John goes to a restaurant with his family and sees everyone wearing fancy clothes. He was embarrassed because he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
In the middle of the story, he had bad manners, made a mess, and said words wrong. He was nervous and embarrassed.
At the end of the story, he goes to bed and his dog licks the mousse off of John’s pants.”

restaurant mishaprestaurant mishap 2

And here is what the class thought about Conner and his book —

“I like how Conner was really nervous, but his mom was really happy about him.”
“It was awesome, because he’s only 11! He’s my role model!”
“I liked the book because it was a really good and cool book and I liked it a lot!”
“I think it was cool. It was funny!”
“I really liked the book because it is very funny when he made a mess and I can’t believe a fifth grade student wrote a book!”
“I like the book because he was just like me when I go to a restaurant. I forget my manners.”
“I like the book because Conner added a whole bunch of details when he was at the restaurant and I liked the drawings.”

So! It looks like the class liked the book a lot! All thumbs up! I’m hoping that they can do an interview with Conner for us so we can learn more about this fine young man.

In the meantime you should check out Restaurant Mishap. Available thru Amazon.

And check out Conner’s Facebook page here.

And thanks to Ms Julie and all her 2nd Graders for a fine review!