Rain Talk

IMG_6126We had a big day of rain yesterday!!!! Finally!!!! And it was really loud rain. Pounding on the roof like little hammers. And the thunder! My oh my!! We didn’t go out and play in it. The Mom Person was worried about all the thunder and lightening. So I had a nice napping day. But we went out this morning to see all the aftermath. Wow!! Nature has just exploded around here!! Before yesterday, all the grass and wildflowers were struggling to stand up. Today, they have burst into bloom!!


The Paluxy River, that was nearly all dried up a couple of days ago, is now raging too fast for us dogs to go down.


Rain is a good thing. It brings JOY to the World!

We have a Joyful book about the rain —

IMG_6142Rain Talk
by Mary Serfozo
illustrated by Keiko Narahashi
originally published by Macmillan in 1990
published by Scholastic in 1992

From the back cover –
Ploomp Ploomp Ploomp
Listen! The raindrops are talking.

A little girl and her dog – who looks a lot like Walker! – go for a romp in the rain. The girl talks about how the rain sounds as it hits the ground and pounds on the tin roof of the shed. How the drops “chuckle together as they run down the drain.” (I like that.) The rain gets harder and “speckles” the pond. It Bup,Bups on her umbrella.

Soon her Mom calls her to come inside, where she gets dried off and ready for bed. Mom reads her a story and she falls asleep listening to the rain whispering on her roof. Tomorrow she’ll go out and look for a rainbow.

IMG_6144The vivid watercolor illustrations in this book give a soft feel to the plop,plop onomatopoeia of the text. This is an all around happy, feel good book!

I didn’t see any rainbows in the sky today, but there are sure rainbows in my heart.

EnJOY the Rain!

If you would like to see how this video was made, follow this LINK HERE.

Your friend singing and dancing in the rain
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A Good, Good Day

Saturday was a Good, Good Day here at the 7 Acre Wood! The rains came!!!

Not a whole bunch of rain, but rain nonetheless. Enough to perk up the bluebonnets and make the river bubble with JOY!

IMG_5423The rain also provided a training opportunity for Little Miss Electra. She came here from Florida so I’m sure she’s seen lots of rain, but I don’t know about umbrellas and thunder. She was not bothered by any of it. We all had a nice rain walk.

As I said, this was a Double Good Day — The mail lady came to our house and delivered TWO, yes, TWO surprise packages for ME! I love that mail lady!


One of the packages was from our friend Kay. It was actually for all of us Pups to welcome the “new addition” to the family. TWO bags of yummy treats!!!! From the Canine Cookie Company in McKinney, Texas. One bag had tiny treats for Electra and the other had nice big treats shaped like squirrels! All chicken flavored! MMMMMMM! They sure know how to make some GOOD snacks in McKinney!! There was also a bear for Electra. Walker thinks it was meant for him.


The second package came from the Mom Person’s friend Rhonda. It was a new book! A new book of my Hero, Momo. The book is called Find Momo. Momo is a border collie who likes to hide. We follow Momo on Facebook where he posts pictures every day of good hiding places. He is a GOOD hider. And I am a GOOD finder! I’ll tell you more about this awesome book after I’ve had a chance to peruse it and find him.

In the meantime you can check on Momo and his hiding places on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gofindmomo

And if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation spot you might check out Rhonda’s inn in Arkansas – Mountain Thyme Bed & Breakfast. I understand that she is a very GOOD cook!

And some more GOOD cooks are found at the Canine Cookie Company! You can visit their website HERE and order some of those GOOD snacks for yourself!

I hope you had as fine a weekend as I had!

Now I will wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
May your day be filled with rainbows!

IMG_5488Your friend in the clover patch

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The Old Man is Snoring

Oh Joy Joy!! “I love a rainy night! It’s such a beautiful sight!” Actually it was a rainy day and it is now a clear, starry night. But it’s all full of joy anyway you look at it! It was a nice rain this afternoon. Not too stormy. Nice to walk in. The Mom Person loves to go walk in the rain and look at puddles. So that’s what we did today.



There were plenty of puddles and plenty of good smells stirred up by the rain. We had a joyful jaunt!

And when we got back to the house we had a nice dry off and a few treats and storytime. The Mom Person chose a book based on one of her favorite rainy day songs that she sings all the time — It’s Raining, It’s Pouring! This book is by Kin Eagle and illustrated by Rob Gilbert. It was published by Whispering Coyote Press in 1994.


Sure nuf, that old man is snoring away in his bed as the rain is pouring into his house and washing his bed down the river! Crazy old man! But this book has a lot more verses than what I know. After the rain is gone — “It’s cloudy, it’s breezy, the old man is sneezy.” Then, “It’s snowing, it’s blowing, the old man is growing!”. Then, “It’s warm out and sunny, The old man loves honey.” And on and on! And at the back of the book is the music for the song so you can play it on your piano or guitar or whatever!

I really liked this book! Mr. Gilbert’s illustrations are just right for the silly song. Now I have a picture for my head when the Mom Person goes to singing. I can picture that old man floating down my river.


I hope you check this book out. I think you’ll like it.

And to go along with our rainy day — It’s Peter, Paul, and Mary singing “It’s Raining”

And Eddie Rabbit singing “I Love a Rainy Night!”

Now that’s one more book for me! 287 more to go! I wish you JOYFUL reading!

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring —

It rained, rained, rained all day yesterday. It made my Mom Person very happy and we spent alot of time out splashing in the puddles and singing about the old man who’s snoring. My Mom Person loves that song. I thought it was a good day to stay inside. So we listened to some music and found a good “rainy day” book to read. Do you have a favorite rainy day song or book?

The Mom Person chose a book called The Rainbabies by Laura Krauss Melmed and illustrated by Jim LaMarche. She likes this book because of those illustrations. She says they’re full of light and they shine, which is good on a rainy day. It’s kind of a feel good story about an old man and woman who are sad that they don’t have any children. Then there’s a big rain storm and when they go outside — Lo and Behold! There in the grass are a whole bunch of little tiny Rainbabies!  They look kind of like hamsters to me. But the old man and woman fall in love and take them home. They make tiny clothes for them and let them sleep in shoes.( Sometimes toads like to sleep in my Mom Persons rain boots.) Anyway, they like having the babies and for awhile everybody is really happy.

But then Mother Nature steps in and tries to take the babies away from the old people. First in the river, then in a fire, then with a weasel!  It’s scary!  But it all turns out ok for everybody in the end.

It’s a pretty good book. I think girls might like it alot.

You should check it out!