Pigs to the Rescue

I think that my life has gone to the pigs. I got involved in my buddy, Bacon’s “Blast From the Past, Show and Tell” event this weekend. If you’ve never met Bacon, he is a very fine pig fellow who posts some very funny stuff. You can visit him at the Hotel Thompson HERE if you’d like. And then this week at the library, my reading buddies picked out this book –

IMG_0358Pigs to the Rescue
by John Himmelman
published Henry Holt and Co. in 2010

Now right off from the cover you can tell that these pigs are going to be nothing but trouble. You can tell a lot by a book’s cover. This cover tells you the whole story without even opening up the pages! And that’s why my boys picked this one. They knew that this one was going to be a crazy romp! And they were right!!

Farmer Greenstalk and his family have the darndest luck. The tractor breaks down, the water hose springs a leak, a kite gets stuck in a tree, the rooster can’t crow. But never fear! The pigs are here!!! To the rescue!! They are very enthusiastic helpers, but as you might imagine they only make matters worse. What’s a family to do?! Well, you’ll have to check this one out to find out! We read this book TWICE, it was so funny!

Mr Himmelman has written like a million books. Lots of silly ones like this pig book. There’s Chickens to the Rescue and Cows to the Rescue and Duck to the Rescue!!! He has also written a whole bunch of nature books. He has a great website that I would advise you to visit. Just click HERE. You can find out all about ALL of his books and watch some cool videos and all kinds of stuff. Go THERE now!

And here’s a story about a pig who really did come to the rescue! Lulu the pig saved her Mom when Mom had a heart attack! Check it out HERE!

And MORE pigs to the rescue! HERE are some pigs who eat up poisonous acorns to save ponies!

I think pigs are pretty awesome! What do you think? Do you know any pigs?

I wish you a very lucky day!
Your library friend
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“A Blast From the Past”

My pig buddy, Bacon, is doing a special post on his blog today – Show and Tell. He asked all his friends to do a post about our favorite toys from our childhood. The Mom Person and I have been going down memory lane this weekend looking at pictures of my puppyhood. I was kind of a toy crazy pup, but I had a couple of favorites that I’m going to Show you and Tell you about.

This was my pony. It was one of my very first toys that was waiting for me when I arrived in Texas. I carried it with me everywhere. And I still have it today! 11 years later!

IMG_0352In the 11 years that Pony has been in my care, he has lost his brains along with his voice, and he just recently lost an arm to the Dogzilla pup. But he is still quite cuddly. I let him play with Dogzilla now and again. She likes him a lot, but is not quite so careful about him. I have to supervise their playtimes.

My other favorite toy in my younger days was an Orbee Ball from Planet Dog. My Mom Person had some tough dogs living with her – dogs who could chew through anything. She read a write up about Orbee balls that said someone had mowed over one with their lawnmower and didn’t even nick it! She decided that we needed Orbee Balls at the 7 Acre Wood! And that story about them proved to be true! They are tough as can be! My original Orbee is no where to be found these days. I think that it is probably somewhere out in those woods. But we have a couple of replacements that are just as fine. One even glows in the dark!

IMG_0349If you have pets or kids who are hard on their toys, you might want to try an Orbee. You can find them at Planet Dog HERE.

So there you have it! My Show and Tell, Blast from the Past, Favorite toys. Now you might want to visit Bacon over at his blog,Piglove! You might find some other fun toys from the past that might take you down memory lane!

Have fun remembering!
your friend and her Pony

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