Paws UP to Barry Moser, Artist

Today I’d like to do a tribute to Barry Moser, artist, illustrator, author. A unique individual. We have quite a few of his books in our home library. And I like reading some of them to kids.

Mr Moser is especially good at capturing feelings.

When I look at the picture on the cover of Grandpa’s Gamble, I can just feel the joy between the man and the little girl. And those kids running down the road in Appalachia have me running along with them.

When I read about the cats, Nick and Nora, I can see what a mischievous little girl those cats have to deal with and the expressions on their faces are priceless! They are really tolerant cats!

That pup in Our New Puppy is one little trouble maker! Poor Rosie!

And that Brer Fox and Brer Raccoon in Jump Again! are down right stinkers.

Mr Moser uses watercolors to create wonderfully realistic worlds. He also does magical things with wood engravings. He has won many awards for his book illustrations and has displays in several museums. He is a most prolific artist and the list of books that he has written or illustrated or contributed to in some way is astounding. From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Moby Dick and the Bible.  You can check out the whole list on his website. And more of his artwork here at R. Michelson Galleries.

I hope that everyone is already familiar with this man’s fine work, but if not I hope that you will consider checking it out! There’s a lot to choose from!