No Place for Ugly Birds

It’s raining and thundering outside today. A good thing. We need the rain. And rain means puddles and water in the river. But thunder means we have to stay inside and take care of my buddy Cisco who does not appreciate these natural phenomenons. So instead of finding mud puddles, we’re reading books. Which is an ok activity too!

Yesterday the Mom Person went to the butcher shop and got us some really nice big bones to chew on. IMG_1511She loves us truly! We enjoyed them for quite some time but were not allowed to bring them in the house to sleep with. They had to stay out in the front yard. IMG_1512Well! This morning when we went out, there was a big ole vulture chewing on our bones! Right there in our yard! He flew away but the Mom Person got a picture of him in the tree. But now our bones smell funny and I don’t feel like eating them today. Walker didn’t seem to mind though.

I tell you all of this because, as you know, the other day, I received a package with some books and my very own cuddly vulture. The Mom Person thought that since we had a vulture in the yard, it was a sign that we needed to sit down and read that book about turkey vultures!


No Place for Ugly Birds was written and illustrated by Mary Livingston and published by Red Tail Publishing in 2013.

It does a great job of making you appreciate those “ugly” birds! You see, turkey vultures are scavengers. Which means that they eat dead stuff. Like roadkill and animals that just die out in the woods or fields or rivers. And I guess that includes bones that dogs leave lying about the yard. But it seems that they wouldn’t attack me when I’m just walking about or romping in the yard. Just if I were to die while doing those things and the Mom Person didn’t realize and didn’t know to bury me before the vultures found me. That would make the Mom Person very sad, I think. Did you know that vultures will vomit on you if you bother them?! Pretty cool!

Anyway, the book is very informative and a fun read besides. It is written in rhyming verse with some good rhythm. I love rhymes and rhythm! The illustrations are really nice. The vultures look more sad than ugly. In the story, some town people don’t like the vultures hanging around and chase them away. The main character, Scotty, is very sad. But when dead salmon start piling up and stinking really bad, everyone agrees that the vultures have their place and need to return to clean the place up!


In the back of the book there is a page of vulture facts that is very fascinating. And a list of resources for finding out more about turkey vultures.

You should really check this book out!

And now I give you the Muppets singing The Ugly Song!

A Place For An Ugly Bird!

Wow! I got a package today! I thought it must be my birthday and we’d be getting some Frosty Paws, too. But the Mom Person said it wasn’t my birthday. I know it’s not Christmas because there’s no tree in the house and I haven’t seen Santa in quite awhile. The Mom Person says it’s just because I’m a Special Girl!!


It turns out that that Special Lady, Mary Livingston, over at the Backdoor Artist, sent me this package! She wrote this book about Vultures, No Place for Ugly Birds. I told her that I thought that those birds were spooky. They swoop down low lookin’ for stuff and they’re soooo quiet about it. Spooky. So she sent me a package! With my very own Vulture! And he’s sure not spooky. He is quiet though. No squeaking from him.

And to go along with my very own non-spooky Vulture, she sent some books! I’ll have to find some non-spooky kids to read them to me and then I’ll tell you all about them. I can’t wait!

My very own package! From the UPS man! I love the UPS man. And Mary Livingston.

Thank You Ms Livingston!!!!