Dancin’ in July!

Aaaaahhhh! Summertime!

We got a new book called July. It’s all about summertime. Summer is over here and we’re starting back to school. I like going to school and I’ve missed all my school friends, but I sure do like summer and playing in the river.
The book July is written by James Stevenson. He’s remembering his summers as a boy. And boy did he have some fun, busy summers! He spent them with his grandparents at the beach!  Grandparents and the beach! You can’t hardly beat that!  This book has great pictures!  You can just feel those kids racing around on their bikes. And feel the wind and rain as they stand in the storm. He talks about his grandparents and the neighbors and his friends and all the fun things that they do. And they’re NEVER in the house except to eat dinner!

I spent alot of my summer playing in the river. That’s the place to be when it’s hot!

What was your summer like? Did you visit the beach? Visit grandparents? Play in the river? Read a good book?

My Mom Person and I like to dance and I’m going to leave you with a couple of our favorite songs so you can dance too! And celebrate summer!

The 1st song is Good Day Sunshine!

And next we have My Girl!

Check out July! You’ll be glad you did!