Dancing in the Moonlight

More connections. They seem to be everywhere! We heard a song on the radio – one of the Mom Person’s favorites – Dancing in the Moonlight. It is a dancing song and we got to dancing!

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All that dancing made the Mom Person think of some books that we have in our library, so we pulled them out for a read. Both books are about Dancing in the Moonlight!

IMG_3745The Dancing Tiger is by Malachy Doyle with beautiful, stunning artwork by the mighty duo of Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. I love the work of this team!!! Our book was published in 2005 by Viking.

This is an enchanting tale of a “quiet, gentle tiger” who dances in the woods when the moon is full. The narrator is a young girl who discovers the dancing tiger one moonlit night. He tells her that if she will promise to keep his secret, she can dance with him. So through the seasons and the years they meet in the woods under the full moon and dance. A lovely tale told in verse with a waltzing rhythm. Ahhhhh!

IMG_3741 Midnight Farm is by Carly Simon (yes, THE Carly Simon) and illustrated by David Delamare. This book is a regular farmyard hootenanny! When the moon is high in the sky, it rains down magic. All the animals and plants come alive and commence to jumping and jiving. The narrator of this story is a young boy, and he and his brother are awakened one night by a field mouse who invites them to join the party. And what a crazy party it is! With cantaloupe and flamingoes and raccoons and mosquitoes all playing music and dancing.

This is a great, fun read aloud book.

It’s not a full moon tonight. That happens on Friday night. But I hope that you step out and waltz in the moonlight. It’s a good thing.

Copy of IMG_3727And here’s the song that started it all  — Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest —

Happy Dancing!

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Give This Dog a Bone!

Kindergarten day today!  I sure like these little guys and girls. They really know how to have a good time.  I got to pick the book for today and I chose Give the Dog a Bone by Steven Kellogg. Can you guess why I chose this one?!  Mr. Kellogg is a real dog lover. And his illustrations are so funny!!  This book is a retelling of the song “This Old Man”. Lots of Nick Nack Paddywack — wacky!  The book is a little different from the song. A lot more silly. There are chickens and velociraptors and mean men stealing baby chicks and snowmen and dogs and dogs and more dogs. And LOTS of bones!  At the end of the book Mr Kellogg tells us that there are 250 dogs in the book!!  We didn’t count them all, tho.

The book and the song are all about counting. And silly words. And rhyming. (I like rhyming). And body motion. It’s fun to act out all the things the old man nick nack paddywacks on. Some of the kids knew the song, and some of them had never heard it. I tried to sing a little for them.

It was a good book for kindergarteners. They liked it alot. And most of the words are pretty simple. Silly, but simple.

I think you should check this one out! And then go give your dog a bone!

And for a little entertainment I give you Carol Burnett and the Jackson 5 singing this lovely song — This Old Man — enjoy —