Catch a Falling Star

We spent a good part of last night laying outside under the clouds. We were supposed to be laying out under the stars, but you couldn’t see the stars for the clouds. And we were¬† doing this because there was supposed to be a big meteor shower.

I don’t think we saw any meteors. And I only know this because there wasn’t any ooohing and aahing coming from the Mom Person. She was very quiet. Which was nice. I just laid my head on her tummy and listened to all the nice nighttime noises. Her tummy rumbling, the crickets and frogs, a whippoorwill somewhere, the neighbors radio, dogs barking somewhere, the Mom Person singing silly songs. I went to sleep. It was all really nice.

So the Mom Person was very disappointed not to see those falling stars, but I sure enjoyed some “quality” time with her.

We have alot of books about stars and I have one to recommend to you if you ever want to go lay outside and look at them. It’s The Stars by H.A. Rey ( the man who gave us Curious George!). It was originally published in 1952. It’s kind of an old book. Our version is a kind of newish one. It’s really kid friendly with funny illustrations and good star maps. It tells you all about the constellations and how to find them in the sky.

This meteor shower was supposed to come from Orion. According to the book, Orion is a hunter with a shield and a club. You have to have a really good imagination to see these things. Orion has some animals that hang out with him — a hare and a unicorn and a bull and a dove. I hope they are not what he’s hunting! He has a big dog and a little dog. And in the Big Dog you will find the Dog Star, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky! Of course!

And for your Sunday morning amusement, in case you were up all night watching clouds, I give you Perry Como singing Catch a Falling Star

So happy star hunting! And watch out for falling stars!