World Labyrinth Day!

Yes, that’s today, May 4! I hope you remembered! I hope you have a labyrinth to walk at 1:00 today! This is a big deal here at the 7 Acre Wood. We have a labyrinth that we walk most every evening. It’s supposed to help you feel calm and peaceful. For me it’s a pleasant walk with the Mom Person.

CIMG7265This is a 7 circuit labyrinth built by the Mom Person with rocks collected from our property. A labyrinth is supposed to be a meditative device. You follow the circular path to the center and then you wind back out again. There is only one path and you don’t have to think about how you’re going to get out of the thing.

That kind of thing would be a maze. A maze is not a meditative device. Mazes are designed to drive you crazy, I think. I’ve never actually been in a maze. I have visited some hospitals that seemed like mazes. And sometimes i find myself on the wrong side of the fence and then I feel like I’m in a maze trying to find the gate.

Anyway, today is World Labyrinth Day and at 1:00, whatever time zone you’re in, labyrinth walkers will be doing their circuits. This will supposedly generate a wave of peaceful energy that will circle the globe. If you do not have a labyrinth to walk, you might just stop for a moment at 1:00 and see if you feel that wave.

In honor of World Labyrinth Day, we found a picture book called Labyrinths.

labyrinth alphabet

It’s not really a book of labyrinths. It’s a book of mazes. But it’s a really cool book of mazes. It’s an alphabet book! I can’t do mazes. It makes me dizzy to look at them. But I know several kids who LOVE mazes. And I like alphabet books. This book was designed by Philippe Mignon. It was published by Firefly Books, Ltd. in 2002.

Each page spread has a maze incorporating a letter with an object associated with that letter at the center. There is also an accompanying poem about the object. It’s a lovely, clever book.

You can find out more about World Labyrinth Day and labyrinths in general by visiting the Labyrinth Society website.

A rather unique video labyrinth walk —