Dreaming of the Deep Blue Sea

We visited Mrs B’s class today. It’s a joyous place to be on a cold, rainy day. She has the BEST floor pillows in the school! Maybe anywhere! Anyway, her class reads chapter books. And especially mystery chapter books. Mrs. B LOVES mysteries! She likes to read them herself and she likes for her kids to read them also. She believes that reading mysteries gets a brain working and thinking.

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Right now they are reading the Magic Tree House Book # 39 — Dark Day in the Deep Sea. This book series is by Mary Pope Osborne. The cover of this book looks pretty ominous with our 2 hero kids in the clutches of a creepy octopus! The class is only on Chapter 4, but already much has happened and the kids are getting hunches and coming up with predictions about what will be happening. So far the heroes Jack and Annie have landed on an island and then ended up on a scientific research ship that is searching for an endangered shell. The scientists are very excited because they have found a cousin shell of the one that they are looking for!

The kids are really enjoying this book so I’m hoping that they will read it quickly and I can find out what happens in the end!

The Magic Tree House books have activities at the end of the books that are helpful for discussion. And there is a Magic Tree House website. Be sure and check them out! I have a hunch that you will enJOY them!!