Best in Show

It’s dog show time. THE dog show. Westminster. I’m not a show dog. I was bred for other things. But I have lots of friends who are show dogs so I know all the scoop. And we go watch dog shows. I’m a Labrador Retriever. There are always lots of Labs at the shows.



This is a Labrador Retriever bred for the ring.   And this is me. Bred to be a Guide Dog. I didn’t become a Guide Dog though. I was destined for other things. I have competed in the show ring though. Not in the conformation ring. But in Rally and Agility. Both adventures were rather short lived, but I had fun and had some success with my efforts.

My Mom Person says I am the Best in Show as far as she’s concerned. No matter what I’m doing!

And now I read books. We discovered a lovely picture book called For the Love of Dogs. An A – Z Primer for Dog Lovers of All Ages. Written by Allison Weiss Entrekin and illustrated by Mark Anderson. It was published by Triumph Books in 2011.


This is a really nice book. The illustrations are absolutely fantastic! Mr Anderson is spot on with expressions and attitudes. The book is not exactly a breed book, but some of the letters are for some breeds. “B” for Beagle, “D” for Dachshund. Some letters are for other aspects of the dog world. Like “A” is for adoption. “J” is for jowls. “L” is for Labradors – but – my one disappointment with the book – there is no picture for Labradors! What were they thinking?! THE No. 1, most popular breed of dog in the US and no picture?!  Go figure. But outside of that, I love this book. It has some great information as well as the fabulous artwork.


And you can order prints from Mr Anderson as well!

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And now I’m off to watch the big show — and maybe catch some ZZZZZZZs!