I’m the Best!

My Mom Person is always telling me that I am the Very Best Girl That Ever Was.  And I have to believe her because she always knows Best!

IMG_1729I know I’m the best at getting the Mom Person to do my bidding

IMG_5645And I’m the best at making therapists cry when their patients do something for me that they wouldn’t do for the therapist

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Like wear a special “calm-down” vest or pick up and hold objects like a ball.

I may be the best at some things. But I know that I am not the best at a lot of other things.

IMG_3759We recently read a really cute picture book called I’m the Best by Lucy Cousins. It was published in 2010 by Walker Books. (We like Walker books!)

This is the story of Dog who thinks he’s the Best of everything. He says his friends are brilliant, but he’s the best. We see him compete with his friends in various competitions like running and digging and swimming and being big. He brags about being the best at everything. It makes his friends sad. But they figure out a way to teach him a lesson.

IMG_3761The illustrations and the words are all BIG and BOLD and I like that. The kids really liked this book. It was easy to read. It was funny. And it had a good lesson. Don’t be a show-off!!! Be a GOOD friend! Root for your friends and stand up for them. Be proud of their accomplishments. Good friends are a good thing. See what good things you can learn from a picture book?! They’re the Best!!

Ms Cousins is quite famous for her Maisy books. You’ve probably heard of those. Maisy has her own website for kids and teachers. You can check it out HERE. To see an interview with Ms Cousins click HERE.

Here’s a little song performed by 2 very good friends, Lucy (Ball, not Cousins!) and Ethel —

I hope that you have your Best Day ever! And be the Best that you can be!

Your Best Friend

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Doctor Maisy and the Stethoscope!

Camden came to read with us at the library this evening. He has just started Kindergarten and is having a great time learning about school. He was very excited to show off his reading skills with Doctor Maisy by Lucy Cousins. The last time Camden came to the library, he read me a story about Little Critter going to the hospital. He must want to be a doctor when he grows up! I think he likes stethoscopes!  That’s a funny word! Stethoscope! In Maisy’s book, she and her friend Tallulah use one on poor Panda who is sick. They take good care of Panda. But then Maisy needs help, too so Nurse Tallulah takes over. It was a very cute book and Camden liked reading it.

I think I’ve told you how I don’t like to go to the doctor’s office. I don’t mind that Stethoscope so much. But I worry about the poking and prodding. And Shots! Oh, My!!

How do you feel about the doctor’s office? What does your dog think about going to the doctor? My buddy, Walker, actually likes to go!  He’s kind of a strange guy. When we both have to go see the doctor, my poor Mom Person has Walker pulling her to get in the door, and I’m pulling her the other way to get back to the car. I’d like to know how other dogs feel about a trip to the doctor.

Maybe you should read Doctor Maisy!

Go check it out!!!