They Say It’s My Birthday

This is the time of year for Joy and Celebration and this week has been a particularly Joyful one. We Celebrated my birthday. I don’t really “get” birthdays. The passing of time has no real meaning for me. But I do appreciate a good party! Especially when special treats and presents are involved! And good friends!


We got to have burgers and fries from Dairy Queen!!!!! My favorite dining experience! And look at those goodies I got! My very own Tomato and Pea and Mr Wintergreen! And a new floatie for the river. And some yummie treats! What a lucky girl I am!!


Walker decided that Mr Pea was meant for him. I don’t mind sharing.

We also partied at school and the kids did some chalk drawings of me.IMG_4567

This is an outline of my lovely self.


We found a great book at the library. Bow-Wow Birthday by Lee Wardlaw and illustrated by Arden Johnson-Petrov. It was published by Boyds Mill Press in 1998.

IMG_4570It’s the story of a young girl who decides to have a birthday party for her Grandpa’s dog, Rambler who is about to be “about a hundred”!!! You know, kids ALWAYS want to know how old I am in dog years. What does that mean anyway? Time is a baffling thing to me. I’m told that I’ve been on this earth for 11 years. I’m told that that’s pretty old. And in Dog Years or Human Years or whatever, it’s about 80 or something. A concept that I can’t wrap my head around.

IMG_4572Anyway, back to the book — Little Marisa decides that Rambler needs a birthday party. She invites her friends to come celebrate. They must wear their best dog outfit. They make dog tags with their “dog” name on it to wear at the party. They have hot dogs for lunch and have a barking, howling game. Rambler just wants to nap in the sun. After the fun and games the big cake is brought out, but Rambler is no where to be found! The kids all look far and wide for the old dog. Marisa is distraught. But she eventually finds him warm and comfy in her closet. The illustrations are all cool pastel drawings – just like the kids at school did of me! The last picture is one of a smiling girl and a smiling dog. Priceless!

If you’re interested in “dog years” vs. “human years” you can find more info HERE.

I’ll leave you with a bit of Joyful Christmas Cheer —

I wish you Joy in the coming week of Christmas!

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