Rain Talk

IMG_6126We had a big day of rain yesterday!!!! Finally!!!! And it was really loud rain. Pounding on the roof like little hammers. And the thunder! My oh my!! We didn’t go out and play in it. The Mom Person was worried about all the thunder and lightening. So I had a nice napping day. But we went out this morning to see all the aftermath. Wow!! Nature has just exploded around here!! Before yesterday, all the grass and wildflowers were struggling to stand up. Today, they have burst into bloom!!


The Paluxy River, that was nearly all dried up a couple of days ago, is now raging too fast for us dogs to go down.


Rain is a good thing. It brings JOY to the World!

We have a Joyful book about the rain —

IMG_6142Rain Talk
by Mary Serfozo
illustrated by Keiko Narahashi
originally published by Macmillan in 1990
published by Scholastic in 1992

From the back cover –
Ploomp Ploomp Ploomp
Listen! The raindrops are talking.

A little girl and her dog – who looks a lot like Walker! – go for a romp in the rain. The girl talks about how the rain sounds as it hits the ground and pounds on the tin roof of the shed. How the drops “chuckle together as they run down the drain.” (I like that.) The rain gets harder and “speckles” the pond. It Bup,Bups on her umbrella.

Soon her Mom calls her to come inside, where she gets dried off and ready for bed. Mom reads her a story and she falls asleep listening to the rain whispering on her roof. Tomorrow she’ll go out and look for a rainbow.

IMG_6144The vivid watercolor illustrations in this book give a soft feel to the plop,plop onomatopoeia of the text. This is an all around happy, feel good book!

I didn’t see any rainbows in the sky today, but there are sure rainbows in my heart.

EnJOY the Rain!

If you would like to see how this video was made, follow this LINK HERE.

Your friend singing and dancing in the rain
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