Star Wars 3D!!!

We visited 4th graders today. Those kids sure work hard!!  We talked about adjectives. Do you know what an adjective is? It’s a big word for one thing!  Adjective. It’s even hard to say! But the kids figured it out pretty quick. They had all kinds of adjectives for me. Funny, hairy, colorful, beautiful, cute, smart, sleepy.

We also learned about Native Americans in Texas. That was pretty interesting. Did you know that the Caddos made houses that looked like beehives? And the Karankawas were wiped out by the Europeans?!  Sad, sad.

But after all the hard work and sad stories, the kids got to read just to me! And guess what they chose?  Star Wars Episode 1, the Phantom Menace in 3D by Pablo Hidalgo! This is one weird book! You have to wear special glasses to read it.

I couldn’t see a thing!  All I could hear was “OOOOOH! Cool! Awesome! Wow! Weird!” Lots of adjectives. I couldn’t really tell you what this book is about, but I think the kids really liked it. They didn’t really read it, just ooohed and aaahed about the pictures. They said it made you feel like you were really in outer space. I don’t think the words in the book mattered, and I don’t think that that fact mattered. The kids just had a great time with the glasses and feeling like they were on a space ship flying around the universe.

So, I guess overall it must be a pretty good book. Like I said — I couldn’t see anything.

But you might want to check it out and SEE for yourself!