One Mixed up Chicken

We got a funny book in the mail today. It’s called Minerva Louise, The Mixed – Up Hen by Janet Morgan Stoeke. It’s about one SILLY chicken!  Minerva Louise looks like one of our chickens. Our chicken’s name is White Chicken. Chickens are not very bright animals. Our White Chicken is just as mixed up as Minerva Louise.

In the book, Minerva Louise decides to go into the house with red curtains. (I guess chickens aren’t color blind like us dogs are supposed to be.) So she goes in the house and tries to make a nest on all kinds of stuff that she shouldn’t be sitting on. Like plants and firewood. Our White Chicken does the same thing! She lays eggs all over the place. In the flowers, in the hay bales, in boxes, under shrubs. The Mom Person says every day is an Easter Egg Hunt. That White Chicken is one silly chicken! But she seems to be a happy hen. And Minerva Louise looks plenty happy, too!  She has a smile on her face all through her trip through the house. She makes kind of alot of messes, but nobody seems to notice. I think I like Minerva Louise. And the book is really easy to read. There aren’t any big words to stumble over.

I think that little kids would like this book. And if they read it, they will learn alot about chickens!

You should check it out!!

And if you would like to know more about Ms Stoeke who brought Minerva Louise to life, you can find her here. She will even come visit your school or library! I wonder if she would come to Texas?