A Gargie Award!!

This was quite a weekend for me!  I found out that I am a recipient of the 1st ever Gargie Award! This award was created by Bruce the Gargoyle over at The Bookshelf Gargoyle http://thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpress.com/.

Bruce says that I deserve this award for my services to canine – fleshling literacy development. Whew! That’s some big words to live up to! But I thank you Bruce!! And I would like to thank all the kids that read to me for making this all possible!

There are some obligations attached to this award.

I need to display the award badge, which I will do proudly.
I need to publish a post to inform the world of my great achievement. I think that this post will serve that purpose.
I need to nominate some fellow bloggers who have been outstanding in their field — and to that end I would like to nominate:

Julie Rowan -Zoch http://julierowanzoch.wordpress.com/ for her outstanding talent and inspiration.

Cindy Kilpatrick at Going Beyond Survival in a School Library http://schoollibrarybeyondsurvival.wordpress.com/ for her uncanny ability to find the most incredible bits of literary news and trivia.

And to The Family at Creative Family Moments http://www.creativefamilymoments.com/ 
because they are lots of fun and I think the kids will like this!

And lastly I need to let my nominees know that they are receiving this award!

So I congratulate my nominees and pass the torch and the obligations attached to it on to you! (if you are inclined to accept) Thank you for your inspiring posts!