Queen on Wednesday

Today is Wednesday. The middle of the week day. My very own special day. The day that I get to be Queen for the day and spread my JOY and magic. Wednesdays have always been set aside just for me. And maybe Walker, too, I guess. But mostly Wednesdays are all about me. On Wednesdays we go to visit our hospitals or detention centers or schools. Wednesdays are dog days.

I don’t usually do posts on Wednesdays – because I’m usually out doing my magic show, but we recently came across a most fabulous book that needed to be shared on this day!

IMG_1683Queen on Wednesday
by Gabi Swiatkowska
published by Farrar Straus Giroux in 2014

It begins –
On Wednesday, Thelma was bored.

Thelma is bored and decides that she will become a queen. On Thursday she makes the royal announcement. On Friday she chooses her royal pets. And then being a queen becomes quite complicated. She must find a suitable castle, someone to train all the pets, a maid to clean up after everyone, a cook to feed everyone. Whew!!!! Being a queen brings on a royal headache!!!! So on Tuesday she flings away her crown and stomps off. And on Wednesday — she’s bored again!!!!

IMG_1688This book is a royal romp! Ms Swiatkowska is one of my most favorite illustrators. But this is her first book all to herself. Now I want MORE!! I have talked about this talented young lady before. She illustrated Infinity and Me for Kate Hosford – Review HERE.  Also – Hannah’s Bookmobile ChristmasReview Here. Also – The Golden RuleReview Here. Yes, I really like this lady’s work!!

 A great interview with Ms Swiatkowska can be found HERE.

And here’s the REAL Queen with her grandchildren and her castle and lots of royal pets. It’s hard work being a Queen!

I hope you have a royally entertaining Wednesday!
Your friend the Queen of Wednesday
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The Land of Snow and Ice

We are iced in this weekend. No school on Friday. All the roads are ice. The 7 Acre Wood is a regular ice rink. It’s white and beautiful and when I run across it the Mom Person says I sound like a horse clopping along. Buddy the pony left us some yummy popsicles! We don’t get this white stuff very often. It’s fun when it comes – for me and Walker anyway, the Mom Person does not like it at all!

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It all brings to mind a lovely book we have called Hannah’s Bookmobile Christmas. We got this book some time ago because the Mom Person has a thing for bookmobiles. She would like to have her own bookmobile and I could help her with it! But the thing that I love most about this book is that it is illustrated by one of my very favoritest illustrators – Ms Gabi Swiatkowska. Incredible artwork! The book is written by Sally Derby. It was published in 2001 by Henry Holt and Co.


This is a story of a young girl Hannah and her Aunt Mary who drives a bookmobile named Blue Bird. It’s Christmas Eve. “Snowflakes like dandelion fluff floated in the air. Christmas carols rang through the streets, and the sleigh bells on Blue Bird’s door chimed merrily as people went in and out.” All day they made stops for people to come in and visit and check out books. Lots of people gave them Christmas goodies and warm cheer. And all the time, Mary worried about the snow. At the end of the day she would have to return Hannah to her home on the top of a very steep hill. The tension mounts as the day slips away and the snow gets heavier. But Mary and Hannah visit everyone on their route. Then comes the trek up Hannah’s hill. It’s nail biting time as Blue Bird slips and slides. Finally they reach Hannah’s lane but it is too treacherous to go any further, so the two librarians decide to stay the night right there in Blue Bird. They were safe and cozy and snuggled up with their hot cocoa and Christmas stories to read.

There is a brief history of bookmobiles at the end of the book. This is a great read for a snowy, icy day!

historic-bookmobile-No-2I hope you’re warm and snuggled wherever you are

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