Electrical Light Show

Today’s lesson is all about electricity! You might remember that we got an up close and personal side of electricity the other night. It can create VERY LOUD noises!

Our resources for today’s lesson come from our local library. They did not have a lot of books to choose from. As a matter of fact – these are the only three books that they had in the children’s section!

IMG_3042img426We have the Dorling Kindersley/Eyewitness Book – Electricity by Steve Parker. It was published by Dorling Kindersley in 1992. There are a lot of Eyewitness Books on a lot of different subjects. They are fabulous books! Lots of great pictures and simple text that even a dog can understand. This book tells me that I can look at this book and listen to someone reading it and I can understand it because I have little electrical currents running through my brain! Electricity seems to be all about atoms and electrons and things being attracted to other things and swapping electrons. It’s all a little over my head. I do know that in the winter time I am always getting shocked! I must be very attractive. And those transformers that gave us so much trouble? They are there to transform the voltage coming from the power stations to a lower voltage so we can use it in our houses.

img427The next book we looked at was the Magic School Bus Gets a Bright Idea – a Book About Light by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen. It was published in 1999 by Scholastic. That Ms Frizzel and her Magic Bus are a real trip! This book is not exactly about electricity, but it is about light. And to get light we need electricity. (Except for the sun, and candles – which we used the other night.) In this book the kids visit an old theater and travel down a big funnel on the bus that turns them into light! They learned how light travels in straight lines until it bumps into something. That’s how we get shadows and reflections. At the end of the book is a fun project that you can make to create a ghost!

img425The third book is When Charlie McButton Lost Power by Suzanne Collins (THE Suzanne Collins of Hunger Games fame)and illustrated by Mike Lester. It was published in 2007 by Puffin Books. This is a really cute book written in RHYME! I love stories written in rhyme! This story is about Charlie McButton whose world is all about video games. One day a bolt of lightening strikes an electrical tower and he loses all the power at his house. Just like our BIG BOOM! But poor Charlie doesn’t know what to do with himself with no electricity. He goes kind of crazy and yells at his little sister which hurts her feelings something awful. Then he feels bad and decides to make it up to her by playing with her. The two of them (and the dog!) have a wonderful day and Charlie realizes there is more to life than electricity!! A GREAT lesson to be learned!!


And to top things off, here is a GREAT light show for your entertainment! —

Have a good day and spread some JOY!

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The Big Boom!!

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, not really. It was a quiet, clear night. The Dad Person who dispenses treats had gone to bed, the Mom Person was on the computer typing away on something, I was asleep on my bed next to the Mom Person’s desk so that I could keep a half eye on her every move. I was having a really nice dream where I was floating down a river full of tennis balls – IMG_3555

Then SUDDENLYboom 2   And BLACK!!!! Pitch black.

The Mom person let out a squeal and said “Transformer.”

transformer02I didn’t know if that meant that the Transformers were attacking the house or what, so I stayed really still and watched the Mom Person groping around in the dark looking for a flashlight. It was kind of humorous. When she finally found one she went outside to see if the “transformer” was blown to smithereens and to determine if we were in any danger of going up in flames. Evidently not – on either count.

And where was that Dad Person? I went to check – he was still safe and sound and fast asleep.

The Mom Person called the Electric Company and a man came out to check things out. He figured that a snake had gotten up on that electrical pole and shorted out a fuse. So he looked all around for a dead, fried snake. Nope, no snake. So he went to his truck and got a big long pole and stuck it way up in the air and retrieved some kind of thing off of the transformer. He put in a new fuse and went way back up there again with that pole and very carefully put it back in place and SUDDENLY – boom 2  Man oh Man. And now another transformer across the road was gone! The man said he’d have to try that again! I thought he was crazy, so I went in to go to bed with the Dad Person who was still sound asleep. I thought he was the only one with any sense on this night.

IMG_3037I was just getting into a nice snooze when – SUDDENLY – all the lights were back on! Just like that! I guess that man figured it out. What a night!

Well, today was library day, so we had to check out some books on electricity. I’ve learned more about that shocking subject than I really need to know, I think.

IMG_3042I learned about the history of the discovery and taming of electricity. I learned all about how it gets to our house – from a power plant thru wires into that transformer and then to our house.

electricityIsn’t that amazing?! I also learned from Ms Frizzel and her Magic School Bus about light and how shadows are made. Fascinating!

But that’s enough for today. I’ll tell you about those books next time. For now, I’m going to go take a nap.

I thank Google for providing my graphics for this post.

What would we do without electricity? Something to contemplate —

To be continued ——


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