Party Time!

We had a big party here today. A dog party! The 7 Acre Wood has become a destination for the semi-local Southeastern guide dog pups to get some exposure to country stuff. Like goats and ponies and chickens and lizards and tall grass to run in and rivers to play in and mud to splash in. Six crazy pups showed up all ready for their special day. Peg, and Ace, and Leisl, and Mercy, and Aubie, and Pearl.

I remember when I was a silly young thing and the world was full of new adventures around every corner. It was fun watching these kids throw themselves into my world with such joyful abandon. As long as they left me and my river toy alone.

No books today. Just summer JOY!!

Play With Your Dog!!

Wednesdays are Detention Center nights! Joy,Joy! One of my favorite events! These are pretty special guys at this place. They’re learning all the right ways to take care of a dog and train us by being nice to us. I like that part. The being nice to us means lots of petting and brushing and treats! Usually we spend time playing games and doing training exercises. But tonight the boys made tug toys! Braided fleece tug toys!


And it would be nice if all these toys were for me! But all of these toys will be going to one of our local animal shelters. When a dog is adopted it will get to go to its new home with a nice, soft, boingy tug toy. Isn’t that nice of these boys?!

Now we might not have gotten to bring the toys home with us, but we did get to try some of them out. We had to make sure they could pass the real dog test. More JOY!


And of course all the toys passed!


You do know that you should be playing with your dogs?! Playing with your dog is a JOYful activity! For you and your dog!

I’d like to share a couple of books with you that might get your creative playfulness jumping.

The 1st book is Play With Your Dog by Pat Miller. Published by Dogwise Publishing in 2008. Ms Miller is a renowned trainer who has written many books about training. In this book she talks about dogs and play. She believes that playing with your dog helps to build a strong relationship between the two of your. Play also helps to develop social skills and provides mental and physical exercise. Play With Your Dog has chapters on what play is to a dog, body language dogs use when playing, types of play — dog/dog play and human/dog play. Ms Miller talks about children playing with dogs and how NOT to play with a dog. There are quite a few references at the end. All in all, this is a very fine book!


The 2nd book is See Spot Sit by one of the Mom Person’s favorite, favorite writers Carol Lea Benjamin. Published by Skyhorse Publishing in 2008. This is kind of a picture book dog training manual. The subtitle is 101 Illustrated Tips for Training the Dog You Love. Now doesn’t that sound fine?!  The chapters include — How to Have a Happy Dog, Good Manners Last a Lifetime, The ABCs of Dog Training, PLAY it Safe, and Good Times, Fun, and Games. The book is full of happy illustrations that make this a fun book to read for anyone.

So I think you should check these books out and go have some fun with your dog!!

And here are some links if you want to make your own tug toys!

How to Weave a Braided Tug Toy from HGTV
Michael Rosen

Do you Clicker?

We got to play clicker games with the detention center girls! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE clicker games!!!!!  We were playing easy ones because the girls were just learning how. They thought that I was sooooo smart!  Which I am! Clicker games make me think alot because the clicker person just stands there and lets me make up my own stuff. So I do all my tricks. I lay down, I roll over, I play dead, I dance, I sing, I go to the mat — aahhaa! There’s that click! And there’s that treat landing on the mat!!  WooHoo! Wag, Wag! I’ll try that again!  Yes!!  That’s all there is to it!  Easy, Peasy, Fun!  Uh,oh! Now why did they put that chair there? I’d better check it out. Aahhaa! There’s that click again! And there’s that treat on the chair!!  I’ll try that again!

I never know what kind of treat I’ll get. It might be apples, or green beans, maybe cheese (yum) or hot dogs ( even yummier!). All of it makes me happy!

My buddy Walker doesn’t like the clicker games quite like I do. He likes to hear that click and get that treat! But he doesn’t want to think too much about it. If he doesn’t get some hints about what the clicker person wants, I can see him kind of zone out. He’s a funny guy. I guess he’s training the clicker person!

Do you play clicker games with your dog? Do you play any kind of games with your dog? All the dogs I know love to play. But everyone seems to like different stuff. What kind of things do your dogs like to play?

You can find out more about clickers if you want to try it with your dog. There are lots of books out there that can help. Karen Pryor is the Queen of clickers. I like being the Queen of the Library!

Go check out clicker books today!  Or tomorrow.