Where Does Your Dog Go at Night?!

I’ve got a FUN book for you today!!! We came across this book at the library the other day. It would be a pretty good read aloud, but you really need to read it with your eyes. It’s called The Night I Followed The Dog by Nina Laden.


Ms Laden is new to me, but I want to find some more of her books! This one was published by Chronicle Books in 1994. It begins – “I have a dog. Nothing exotic or special, just an ordinary dog.” The dog can play games and do tricks, but he’s boring. Then one morning, the boy makes a startling discovery. He sees a limousine park in front of his house, and his dog gets out! Wearing a tuxedo!

So the next night the boy decides to follow the dog and see what’s up. He follows the limo into the city where the dog gets out at a mysterious building with big brass doors. (Oh! I do love a mystery!) Inside he finds his dog is the boss dog of a kind of night club for dogs. A place where dogs can come hang out and relax and sit on sofas! There’s music and dancing and treats. The boy is amazed! So the boy heads back home on his bike thinking about what a cool dog he has!


Now the really cool thing about this book is the WORDS! Look at this page. The words themselves are little pictures! I’m sure that there must be some big word for this, but I don’t know what it is. But it is just totally awesome! I think that kids would have a fun time creating word/pictures like these!

Now I’ve been thinking a lot about this book. What kind of secret life would I have if I were to have a secret night life? ( I personally like my sleep.)  I’m thinking that I would probably get some buddies together for a good ball game. Go to the park for a good game of baseball or soccer. That would be my kind of fun.

If you have a dog, what kind of secret life do you think that they would have?

Here for your pleasure is William Wegman’s Dog Baseball — EnJOY!

And I’m off to the library!