Tyler Makes Spaghetti

Mr Tyler Florence is a famous chef. That’s a fancy word for a cook. He has a TV show and everything. I know him through his books. His picture books. Mr Florence has done several such books starring a young man named Tyler. They are a great platform for teaching kids about food and cooking. And I’m all for food, cooked or not!!

IMG_1938Tyler Makes Spaghetti
by Tyler Florence
illustrated by Craig Frazier
published by Harper in 2013

suitable for ALL ages

Themes – cooking, food, spaghetti!

It begins
Tyler and his family were at their favorite restaurant. The chef came by to say hello.
“Buon giorno. Welcome back!” he said. “Tyler, I see you’ve ordered your usual.”
“Spaghetti and meatballs is my favorite, Chef!” said Tyler. “I could eat it every day!”

The Tyler in the book loves spaghetti! Chef Lorenzo takes Tyler and his dog, Tofu, on a trip around the world to learn about making spaghetti and sauce from scratch. Not from a box and a jar! We all get to learn how pasta is created and where all the lovely, smelly herbs come from that make the sauce superb. We visit an olive farm to see how olive oil is made. And a cheese factory! It’s a fun adventure! That Tofu is one lucky dog to get to go along. Mmmmmmmm. A spaghetti factory. And a cheese factory. Heaven.

IMG_1939The illustrations are simple and bold. And hilarious! Great style! At the end of the book is Tyler’s recipe for spaghetti and meatballs. Yummmmmmmm! And some factual stuff about all the ingredients. A GREAT little resource of a book! And you even get to learn a little Italian!

Now I’m off to make some spaghetti!

IMG_1942And here’s an interesting little eating competition – you could equate Golden Retriever with Labrador Retriever. I wonder what the prize was for winning?!

Your hungry friend
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