I Know a Wee Piggy

We had some strange weather here today! Big boy Cisco woke everybody up early this morning when he heard some big claps of thunder. Then we went outside and found everything white and icy! It was kind of snow but not quite.


There were some REALLY good smells out there. Made me feel like wallowing! Now I smell good too!


Then I wanted to go down to the river, but the Mom Person said No Way! She thought it was too cold!  She’s kind of wimpy sometimes! So we played some ball instead —

IMG_0422 IMG_0424

Then we got to go to school and read with some kids!  What a great day!

We read a great little book about a wallowing pig!  That’s the word for the day — wallow! This book is called I Know a Wee Piggy. It’s by Kim Norman and is illustrated by Henry Cole. It was published by Dial Books for Young Readers in 2012. It is a book about color. And about the cutest, happiest little pig ever!


It starts out — “I know a wee piggy — who wallowed in BROWN. Upside down, he wallowed in BROWN.” Then he goes on to wallow in all the other colors – white and pink and red and yellow and gray and orange and more and more. He has a wallowing great time!

This was a fun book to read. Besides the cute pig and the wallowing messes, it has lots of repetition. It’s kind of like the 12 days of Christmas song where you go back and repeat all you did before. So we got to say wallow A LOT! Fun, Fun!



My friend E really liked this book. He thought it was silly fun. And I liked hearing him read it! And Mrs. B thought it would be a good book to give to somebody with a new baby.

Ms. Norman and Mr. Cole both have really nice websites that you can visit by clicking on their names above. I recommend a visit!

So 4 paws for I Know a Wee Piggy!

Your should check it out!


Reading can be such hard work sometimes!

292 books to go!