Happy? 4th of July!

camp gracie day 2 015The 4th of July is not our favorite holiday around here. It means parades – that’s fun. It means hot dogs and burgers — that’s really fun. It means Happy Birthday to America – that’s nice.

But it also means fireworks. And that means LOUD noise and FIRE. And that makes for a very stressful couple of days. We live in a rural area and everybody loves to shoot off fireworks. They start on July the 3rd and go all through the night and then the day of July 4th. I can hear them now as I’m telling you about it! We also live in a VERY DRY area. So sparks from fireworks are a potentially scary thing.

I don’t mind the fireworks one way or another, but my buddy Cisco thinks it’s lots of thunder and he gets major stressed. And the Mom Person stays stressed because she worries that our pasture and woods will go up in blazes of glory.

camp gracie day 2 028camp gracie day 2 018

So we watch the parade in town and then spend the rest of the time worrying.

I hope that you are taking care of your dogs during this stressful holiday and staying safe. I highly recommend a series of CDs made especially for calming dogs. It’s called Through A Dog’s Ear and was created by Lisa Specter and Joshua Leeds. You can find out all about it on their website here.

And here is a sample of Ms Specter playing some of this music –