Changing of the Guard

or the pup, as the case may be. Yes, our dear Dogzilla, Electra, has gone off to college and a new pup has taken her place. It seemed to be a traumatic event for my Mom Person. She sometimes can be so emotional. But I don’t mind providing the needed comfort. We did have some good times with that crazy pup. I have to admit she was quite entertaining.

For the week before they all went off to Florida there were lots of tears flowing. For that crazy pup!!! But from what I hear, Ms Electra proved to be quite the champ on the trip. My friend, Sarah, at Dr Bruton’s office had a talk with her on our last visit there. I don’t know what exactly was said, but it must have made an impression on Electra. I’m glad she didn’t make a fool of herself.

So Electra is now off to the kennels with a new roommate to lay on. She’ll be getting some top notch schooling and I think that she will probably enjoy that. She always really liked school. Hooray for Electra! And Hooray for us!!

And now there’s a new pup in town. Her name is Marni. My Mom Person puts a lot of stock in names. Names are important. I don’t know what Marni means. It sounds kind of like a flower to me. I seem to remember that there is a movie called Marnie. That Marnie was a liar and a thief. Hmmmm. Maybe I should find a good place to hide my tennis balls. I’ll try to keep that vision of a flower in mind. I must say that Marnie’s Mom did a better job of teaching her some manners than did Ms Electra’s. Marni is pretty flighty like Electra, but much more polite about it. She’s more of a Sparky than an Electra.

IMG_2728 DSCN0565

So now it starts all over again. Ah me. Well, maybe now we can get back to bookish things.

If you are at all interested in more of this tale of pups you can visit HERE.

Wishing you the JOY of new adventures!
Your friend
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20 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard

  1. I don’t think I could handle that getting emotonally attached then saying goodbye. I’m glad you’ve got one with manners though. Take care!

  2. Marni looks like a beautiful pup! I am looking forward to her adventures. I hope she minds her manners with Rhythm, because that dog is one comfy-looking pillow! Love ❤

  3. Good luck to her! That third photo in the top row is a cracker. There’s a meme in that if I can just think of a funny caption.
    Marni hey. She looks pretty relaxed. Cheeky puppies!

  4. Hello, Marni! I look forward to reading about your adventures and discoveries with Rhythm. Good luck to Electra, too! Transitions are rarely easy, but I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

    Will people know that Electra is featured on this blog? It might be fun for future friends of Electra to read about her adventures here?

  5. Well, good luck and farewell, Ms. Electra! And welcome to little Marni! I love black pups, actually 🙂 This must be so hard/weird for all of them, I would think, with the attachments then separations, right?

  6. I bet that was a wrench, blimey I think I’d be a bit emotional as well. With goings have coming to fill the void though and more exciting times.

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