Edmund Pickle Chin

I’ve got a fun little book to share with you today!! It’s a true story about a lucky little donkey who was rescued from a bad place and carried off to a wonderful place called Evermay Farm. Evermay Farm is a Heart Place that was established by Susan April Elwood to provide a safe, happy home for abused animals. This lucky little donkey was the first of many to arrive.

IMG_2271Edmund Pickle Chin
A Donkey Rescue Story
by Clara Bowman-Jahn and Susan April Elwood
illustrated by Lynne Bendoly
published by eTreasures Publishing in 2014

based on a True Story!

It begins
The frightened donkey snorted and shivered.
Whenever anyone came near him, he would back away. Not so long ago he was treated poorly and he was confused.

We took this book to school with us and my readers fell in love with Edmund Pickle Chin. Is that not a funny name?! It seems to fit him though. The kids liked that this tale was based on a true story about a real donkey. Ryan particularly liked the cover with that happy donkey face, and wanted to read it himself to the class.

Copy of IMG_2300That was certainly alright by me!!!! And he did a fine job with it, too! This is the story of Edmund Pickle Chin and his transition from shy, scared, confused donkey to happy, self-assured ambassador for the farm. It took a lot of time and patience for Ms Elwood to win his trust. But she seems to be filled with love and patience. Ryan is a farm boy and he knows about patience and earning the trust of an animal. When other animals started arriving at Evermay, Edmund knew how to make them feel welcome. The kids really liked how kind Edmund was, taking care of the goats and rabbits and ponies that came to live with him. This is a story all about big hearts and being kind.

IMG_2273We really liked the illustrations. That Edmund sure has a winning smile!! At the end of the book there are a few real pictures of the real Edmund and some of his friends at Evermay Farm. You can find out more about Evermay Farm at their website HERE.

One of the authors, Ms Clara Bowman-Jahn has a fine blog of her own that you can visit HERE. She does book reviews and writer talk. You might want to go visit!

You can find out more about the illustrator, Lynne Bendoly, HERE on Ms Bowman-Jahn’s blog.

Did you know that donkeys are used as guard animals to take care of sheep and goats? There are lots of sheep and goats around where I live and most of those herds have donkeys that stay with them and watch out for predators like coyotes and mountain lions. We have some donkeys that live with our neighbors and visit us over our fence. They don’t have any sheep or goats. Just us to visit with.

IMG_2387Here’s a little lesson all about donkeys —

Spread some kindness today and keep smiling!
Your wagging, smiling friend
Copy of img311

22 thoughts on “Edmund Pickle Chin

  1. There’s no way for me NOT to like a name like Edmund Pickle Chin 🙂 I’ve always loved donkeys. I think they’re one of the cutest animals 🙂 We have two here at our local zoo. No, I didn’t know they were used as guard animals either, and learned a lot from the video, too 🙂 Thanks, Rhythm!

  2. OH Wow! Rhythm! A post about Edmund Pickle Chin! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 🙂 Thanks so much. I learned a lot from the video as well. Did you read the back matter in the book? There is some stuff there but not nearly as much as the video.

    Thanks so much for sharing it! 🙂

  3. I love Edward Pickle Chin and I am so glad you were able to share his story with some of the children you know, Rhythm! That video is terrific!

  4. Who would have thought that there were so many donkeys in need of rescue around the place? We have some donkey shelters here too. How do the donkeys protect the sheep? Do they just bray when they see a shady looking carnivore in the vicinity or do they chase them or something? Interesting.

  5. I have been a little behind on reading my blogs — but so glad that I’m now able to catch up. I love donkeys — they are so cute and can be very, very sweet. I didn’t realize that there are 40 million of them. That’s impressive. I’m a huge fan of Clara Bowman-Jahn’s blog. She has some great reviews.

    This looks like a fabulous book! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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