The new year has begun. I see everyone making resolutions and talking about all the possiblities and hope that this new year has to offer. I don’t know about making resolutions, but I do have high hopes for my new year. This year that has just flown by like a jet plane has been a time of high energy thanks in part to our high-voltage Electra.


Who ME?

In this coming year, I will be looking for some peace and quiet – some calm and SERENITY. Last year I was looking for SERENDIPITY, and I found it quite often. It’s a wondrous thing. But this year I’m taking that DIP out and looking for the calm in the storm. Electra will be leaving us at the end of February – going off to college at Southeastern Guide Dogs in Florida. She has been an amusing entertainment, but she makes me tired just watching her. There will be another pup coming home with the folks. I’m hoping with all my heart that it will come with the name SERENITY.

serenityThe dictionary defines SERENITY as the state of being calm, tranquil. What a lovely state to be in. That’s where I’m headed for the next year. However long that may be.

IMG_2802Mr James Taylor is the king of SERENITY. I often put his music on to calm Ms Electra –


I hope you are able to enjoy some SERENITY in your new year!
Looking for the calm
Copy of img311

27 thoughts on “Serenity

    • I have mixed feeling about Ms Electra leaving us. I have grown accustomed to her ways and at least know what to expect from her. And her training has required LOTS of treats. And when she gets treats, it follows that the rest of us do to! 🙂 A new puppy is an unknown, but I can dream that it will be serenely polite and kind. 🙂 Another adventure will begin!!

  1. Serenity Now!! Good goal, I think. That picture of Electra is just gold. Did I mention our physical shelf is moving to a new home in two weeks time? We’ll have a backyard and more space and…the she-fleshling has put in an application to be a puppy-carer for Vision Australia! So we might end up with our own version of Electra!
    It may all come to nothing of course, but it’s all thanks to your inspiration 😉

    • Wow! What an adventure you’re heading into!! Will you get to sit out in the sunshine in the new yard? Tell your she-fleshling that puppy raising is addicting! I keep trying to do an intervention with my Mom Person, but she keeps falling off the wagon! It does keep life lively though. But beware! Puppies do like things that sit on shelves!!!!! Stay safe my friend!! Keep me posted! 😛

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