Artie and Julie

We recently came across a rather unique little book. Two stories in one!

IMG_1944Artie and Julie
by Chih-Yuan Chen
published by Heryin Books in 2008

suitable for ALL ages

themes – friendship

it begins –
Artie was a happy little lion.
Julie was a happy little rabbit.

I love when I find a book with a big surprise inside! This little book is about Artie, a lion, and Julie, a rabbit. It has a cute, smiley cover and we have a rather special Julie in our family so we couldn’t pass this one by! And what a surprise inside! The stories of Artie and Julie are told separately by splitting the pages in half! Artie’s story is on top and Julie’s story is on the bottom. The stories run kind of parallel and intersect at the end. Much like in our recent read – Wonderstruck.

IMG_1946Artie and Julie are happy little babies who must learn important life lessons. Papa Lion hoped that Artie would grow up to be a ferocious lion who would be able to catch his own delicious rabbits. Papa Rabbit hoped that Julie would grow up to be a clever rabbit who could find her own good grass on the grasslands and be able to escape the ferocious lions.

Soon it was time for the two to head out on their own to find their own food in the lush grasslands. But when they encountered each other in a dark wet cave, Lo and Behold! All their lessons went by the wayside and Surprise!! They became instant friends!!!

A lovely, charming, feel good story with a happy ending!! Excellent! And it COULD happen! There are some really unlikely friendships that happen in this world!

I hope your week is filled with love and friends!
Your friend indeed –
Copy of img311

19 thoughts on “Artie and Julie

  1. Happy endings are the best, that is why I enjoy watching Die Hard. I think I need to get this for a little girl I know…it goes without saying that I will read it a few times first and reserve the right to borrow it whenever I wish.

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