Where Does Your Dog Go at Night?!

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 6, 2014 is the 20th anniversary of the publication of Nina Laden’s first book – The Night I Followed the Dog. I did a post about this book some time ago and am reblogging it here to commemorate those 20 years! If you happen to be in the Seattle, Washington area you might go join the celebration! You can find out more about it HERE — https://www.facebook.com/events/858388854205368/?ref=22
Now go Follow Your Dog and have a good day!!!

Reading With Rhythm

I’ve got a FUN book for you today!!! We came across this book at the library the other day. It would be a pretty good read aloud, but you really need to read it with your eyes. It’s called The Night I Followed The Dog by Nina Laden.


Ms Laden is new to me, but I want to find some more of her books! This one was published by Chronicle Books in 1994. It begins – “I have a dog. Nothing exotic or special, just an ordinary dog.” The dog can play games and do tricks, but he’s boring. Then one morning, the boy makes a startling discovery. He sees a limousine park in front of his house, and his dog gets out! Wearing a tuxedo!

So the next night the boy decides to follow the dog and see what’s up. He follows the limo into the city where…

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4 thoughts on “Where Does Your Dog Go at Night?!

  1. I will never let Mom know about my secret life, but I’ll tell you, R. When she’s not around, I go to ballet class and dance on stage. Sshhhh. Don’t tell….

    Love and licks,

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