Milking Time

IMG_2410There are quite a few animals that live here at the 7 Acre Wood. Dogs and cats and chickens and guineas and goats and a pony. And a couple of donkeys across our fence at the neighbors. But no cows. No cows at all. I don’t know much about cows. I’ve seen them here and there, but have never actually known any. But lots of my reader friends know about cows. Many of them have cows at home. Many of them show cows at county fairs. They probably know more about cows than about dogs! Imagine that?!

Well, we came across a lovely picture book about cows. Dairy cows. Where milk comes from. I don’t know much about milk either. I don’t believe I’ve ever tasted the stuff. But milk is another thing that my reader friends know all about.

IMG_1529It’s Milking Time
by Phyllis Alsdurf
illustrated by Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher
published by Random House in 2012

It begins –
Every morning, every night,
it’s milking time.

This refrain is sung throughout the story. Milking cows is hard work. This is the story of a young girl helping her Dad with the milking duties. She brings the cows in from the pasture, and helps Dad get the barn ready for them so they can be fed and milked. She feeds the pen full of little calves. And helps with all the clean-up chores. It’s kind of a love story – love between girl and Dad and love for the cows who provide the milk.

IMG_1531The text is sing-song and lyrical. There seems to be some Rhythm in milking! “Cuds a-chewing, tails a-swatting, hooves a-pounding, into the barnyard they trudge.” Pure poetry. The illustrations are really lovely, soft and realistic. It’s a soft, quiet kind of book.

This book was a big hit with my readers. They chanted along with “every morning and every night.” They all knew what that was all about.

This is another entry in Gargoyle Bruce’s Small Fry Safari Reading Challenge. I believe it fits in Category #3 – A book with a specific time in the title. You can find out more about this challenge by visiting The Bookshelf Gargoyle HERE. You’ll find the whole list of categories and all the other entries.

You can find out more about dairy farming at the Dairy Farming website HERE.

And did you know that cows like jazz?

I wish for you a tall glass of milk with a little jazz on the side
every morning and every night!
Sweet dreaming to you
Your friend
Copy of img311

19 thoughts on “Milking Time

  1. What a great book to share with kids as so many have never been to a working dairy farm. I remember a classmate asking “If chocolate milk comes from from brown cows?” And, I absolutely loved that cow video. Animals love music and I’ve never seen such an attentive audience. Music is a universal language.

  2. The book sounds fun, even to a 31 year old like me and the cows getting into jazz, well that is the best thing I have seen in a while. Cows have good taste.

  3. FYI – milk is delicious. I have licked a few drops now and then. Plus it’s in the macaroni and cheese, and sometimes I eat a mac and cheese noodle or two. I have never met a cow, but they look friendly.

    Love and licks,

  4. You know, Rhythm, this does look like a lovely book 🙂 The illustrations look beautiful, and I would’nt have expected it to have a lyrical take on it, but was glad to hear it did. The text sounds so nice. Thanks for telling us! 🙂

  5. Dear Rhythm,

    I am one of your fans. This looks like a good book. I know you like rhymes, so why don’t you look for a book called The Farm Life by Elizabeth Spurr? All the children who read this love it.

    Happy day!
    Sharon (from your fan club)

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