School Days, School Days

Looks like the end of summer is here and school days are upon us. My job will shift from library duty to school duty. That’s fine by me. It’s all the same. Kids and books. School days tend to be a bit more hectic and tiring for me, but that’s ok. School is a fun place to be!

Copy of IMG_1568We had our last summer library session this week. In the summer we do our library visits in the morning, and during the school year we move the visits to evening time. It’s been a busy, fun summer with lots of kids and some fine books.

This week the books were all about school! All the kids are excited about getting back to the classroom and all their friends. Except for one little girl who is about to have her very first school day. She’s a bit nervous about the whole thing. I’ve helped many a new student get through those first day traumas. Part of my job! But let me tell you about the books we read this week. There were some good ones!

IMG_0827Dixie Loves School Pet Day
by Grace Gilman
pictures by Sarah McConnell
colors by Joe Merkel
published by Harper in 2011
This is an I Can Read Book, beginning level 1

The kids all thought that Dixie looked a lot like me! The story is about a big day for Dixie – she gets to go to school with her girl Emma. We used to have a goat named Emma. Our Emma was scary. But Dixie’s Emma seems pretty nice. Anyway, Dixie was excited about going to school and wanted to be a good girl for Emma. But alas, Dixie was so excited that mayhem ensued. 😦 In the end, Dixie saved the day and everyone made some new friends. It was a cute, fun read aloud.

IMG_0873How Will I Get to School This Year?
by Jerry Pallotta
illustrated by David Biedrzycki
published by Scholastic, Inc. in 2011

The story of a girl who decides she’s tired of riding the smelly school bus to school and imagines all the other options. This girl has a WILD imagination! My readers laughed and laughed all the way through this book! Just imagine riding an elephant to school!! Or a tarantula! Or an eagle! Our imaginations soared!! This is a good one!

IMG_0867David Goes to School
by David Shannon
published by The Blue Sky Press (an imprint of Scholastic, Inc.)
in 1999

There are quite a few books out there about this David. They are all hilarious! David is one wild kid! I love David. And my readers do, too. They all said they knew a David. I’ve run into quite a few Davids myself. This book is all about those silly, hard to follow school rules. Like no running in the halls and no chewing gum and sitting in your proper seat. David has a hard time. I can relate.

IMG_0843Little Miss Spider at Sunny Patch School
by David Kirk
published by Scholastic in 2000

It’s Little Miss Spider’s first day of school and it doesn’t go very well for her. She can’t do all the things other bugs can do – like flying and stinging. She feels like a failure. And we all feel sad for Little Miss Spider. But just like Dixie, in the end she saves the day by using the best super power of all — kindness!

And our very FAVORITE book of the day —

IMG_0881The Day the Crayons Quit
by Drew Daywalt
pictures by Oliver Jeffers
(I love, love, love Mr Jeffers!!!)
published by Philomel Books in 2013

I think that by now everyone is familiar with this book. It has been on all the best seller lists and all the book review lists and on every shelf at every bookstore. It has made a big splash. It’s a clever story about a box of crayons who have a lot of complaints and write letters to the boy, Duncan. Each page spread includes the letter from a particular color and coordinating illustrations that look very much like they were done by a first grader. Yay to Mr Jeffers genius! Another book that had my readers rolling on the floor laughing. We read this book through twice! The crayons’ penmanship is not the best and the kids had a little difficulty reading some of it, but it was kind of like a puzzle and they had fun deciphering it. There were also some big words that they stumbled on a bit. And what color is the sun, really?! A very cleverly done tale.

i hope that everyone has a fun, successful start to your school year – with no trouble from the crayon box!!

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I just realized that there are an awful lot of DAVIDS in this post! If you click on any of their names – or the other names, as well — you’ll be able to find out more about them.

Happy Reading!!
Your library friend
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20 thoughts on “School Days, School Days

  1. I love your book choices. I still haven’t read the Day the Crayons Quit, although I’ve read many reviews. Rhythm do you visit a library or school every day? You also mentioned visiting the libraries now in the evening — doest that mean double visits? Wow! Great for the kids, but it must get tiring.

    • We go to the public library here in Glen Rose once a week. In the summer, that’s in the morning. During school, it’s in the evening. As to school, my Mom Person is a substitute teacher and we dogs, me and Walker, take turns going with her when she subs. We also do a reading day, one day a week, at school. There are three schools that we alternate going to for reading day. So, summer is easy, breezy – one day a week. School time varies from week to week. And, I’m actually kind of retired now – I used to visit a detention center once a week and a rehab hospital every other week. Those were fun visits where I got to play ball and do my tricks and take folks for walks. My work days have slowed down considerably. But, I sure do love my job!!

  2. I love The Day the Crayons Quit too. Such a fun book.
    My students usually (actually they complain about it quite a lot) don’t like it when I have to be away and we have a substitute teacher. But if you and your Mom Person were our sub, they would be making sure that I “stay home and make sure that cough doesn’t get any worse” on a regular basis. Lucky kids that get to spend time with you when their regular teacher is away.

  3. I haven’t got around to the Crayons yet either, but Oliver Jeffers is quickly becoming one of my favourite author/illustrators, so I’m sure I’ll get around to it even though he’s only the illustrator on this one. Going to school on a tarantula? Intriguing! That would probably be good in winter, what with the hairiness.

  4. Thanks so much for your gallant efforts in helping kids with their reading and their school days. I read your comment above to Pat Tilton and was happily surprised with your job. You Sure are kept busy!!

    Luved reading those reviews of books you read this past week as well. Some of them are new to me and I”ll have to check them out. 🙂

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