DSCN0171Whew! We just had quite the exciting Monday morning! It was raining cats and dogs here. I was waiting for tennis balls to drop from the sky, but no such luck.  😦  It was quite nasty outside. The wind was howling, the thunder was barking, and the lightening was tearing up the sky. And the Mom Person was dancing and singing Yahooooo!!

We happen to have the PERFECT Book for a day like this! ANOTHER Arthur Geisert book!!

by Arthur Geisert
published by Enchanted Lion Books in 2013

This is another fascinating Arthur Geisert masterpiece! An incredible amount of detail is found in his hand colored etchings. The “story” follows a thunderstorm as it moves across the farmlands, almost minute by minute, throughout the afternoon and into the evening. We see all the havoc that is wrought on the landscape by this terrible storm. Lightening strikes and wind and even a tornado! We see the farmers trying to prepare for the coming storm and we see all the little critters in their burroughs under the ground and in the trees. Soooo many raccoons!!!! Aaacckkk! One thing that struck me while studying the pictues is that none of the people seemed at all distressed by all that was going on around them. They seemed to be just taking it all in stride. And after the storm moved on, all the neighbors gathered together to help out with clean up and repairs. There are no words in this book other than notations at the bottom of pages telling the time. And no words are needed!

IMG_0184For more about Mr Geisert and the making of Thunderstorm visit HERE.

And an NPR story about the book HERE.

Now Mr Geisert welcomes you to his studio! This video is a little long, but very amusing.

I wish you clear skies and bright mornings!
Your library friend
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20 thoughts on “Thunderstorm

  1. I like this guy – I’ll have to work at unearthing some of his stuff over here. In other weather related news, you’ll be pleased to know that we had winter yesterday. Back to Spring for the rest of the year no doubt but it was nice to know Mad Martha’s crocheted granny rug was not made in vain.

  2. Have always been fascinate by thunderstorms. Signal for me to put on the movie “Twister.” Now you know I’m insane. One of my favorite books for kids is an older one by Patricia Polacco, “Thundercake.” My daughter’s favorite as a child when it was bad outside. Loved the granny’s thundercake recipe. Yum!

    • Haha! You are a funny one Ms Tilton! A tornado chaser! I didn’t ever see much of that Twister movie, but that flying cow caught my attention! Do you get many tornadoes where you are? I like Ms Polacco – but I haven’t read Thundercakes. I’ll have to check it out!

      • Yes, they pass over us most of the time. More touch down a little north of us. But, we did have a huge one in 1974 in Xenia that wiped out the town. I’m one of those who has to look when the sirens go off. Call me crazy.:)

  3. Wow, you sure know about a lot of wonderful books! I read the post, the newspaper article, listened the NPR recording and watched the video which was a jaw dropper. I was enthralled all the way through learning about this magnificent book and the author!
    Those thunderstorms you braved made it over here near the east coast today. I agree, Thunderstorm is a perfect book for a day like today! Puddles on the dirt road look like fun to walk through!

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