Pigs From A to Z

photo 1The Mom Person took Electra/Dogzilla to her Puppy Kindergarten class the other evening. I don’t go along for these events. I’ve been there done that. BUT, they also went to my favorite shopping spot – Half-Price Books! Not fair!

IMG_0145This puppy does not appreciate a good book! But she was nice and brought me a surprise. A real treasure, in fact!!!!!

IMG_0149Another Arthur Geisert alphabet book!!!!! (You might remember that I recently did a post about another ABC book by Mr Geisert – Country Road ABC.) AND, this one is signed by Mr Geisert!!!!

To the student Friends of
Fairview Park Regional Library
Arthur Geisert

Is that not awesome?! I have no idea where that library is, but I’m sure glad the book found it’s way to our Half-Price Books! And I don’t know how Ms Electra managed to find this treasure – she says it smelled like pigs, so she thought it might taste good. Then she remembered that I liked that name. She might turn out ok after all.

Soooo –
Pigs From A to Z
by Arthur Geisert
published by Houghton Mifflin Co. in 1986

Β This is a most incredible ABC book! Besides being an ABC book, it is a story and a puzzle! The story is about some little piglets building a tree house. Pigs building a tree house! Just imagine! In each illustration of each letter, there are hidden letters and hidden piglets. Each picture has seven piglets, five forms of the given letter, and one form of the letter that comes before and after the given letter. Sooo – for the letter R, there would be five Rs and one letter S and one letter Q. And they are all hidden in the fabulous detailed etchings created by Mr Geisert.

IMG_0153I had to concentrate really hard to find everything. Those little piggies hide really good! I tried to get Dogzilla to help, but she was more interested in looking for hidden cheerios in our blanket.

I hope that you can find this book and check it out! You’ll be glad that you did!

Now for some entertainment! I present — Nellie the pig!!

And a little more from Nellie —

Wishing you a week full of surprises and treasures!

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27 thoughts on “Pigs From A to Z

  1. Oh dear piggy heavens. I must hide Nellie’s video from mom. If she sees it, shaking head back and forth, there will be endless hours of “training” for me. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Electra looks like she’s getting bigger! That artwork looks incredible, and what a cool concept for an alphabet book – like Animalia for letters. I will find a copy, signed or otherwise πŸ˜€

  3. I will have to go find Mr Geisert’s ABC book on the double! It sounds utterjoy delightful! A picture book for all ages. My favorite. I’ll come back for the intertainment later. I Love pigs as well. Sound like double fun in this blog post.

    You are quite busy with doggy kinder garten and shopping for great books. Sometimes you must have to leave Rhythm behind. IS puppy’s name really Electra/Godzilla? What is her nick name? (Asks someone with three names) or four if you count my nick name of Clar. πŸ™‚


    • This book is so fabulous Ms B-J!! Yes, even adults will find it fascinating! The Mom Person is very busy these days with all the various dog activities. She has to take Electra out a lot. Her real, official name is Electra. I call her Dogzilla. The Mom Person and some other adult persons call her Ellie. Or Hey, You! Or Trouble. She has many names, just like you! And yes, I get left behind a lot these days. But I’m appreciating the quiet.

        • I’m told that I am considered a senior citizen. I am 11 yrs old. Or in human years (or dog years, however you view these things – I never know) I would be about 75. Kids always want to know this. I am semi-retired, but not completely. I still like going to school and the library. And Half-Price Books!!

          • I”m so glad you still get to have some fun. Fun is necessary to life and staying healthy. I wouldn’t want you to get depressed because of not being able to have fun. I’m glad you’re only semi-retired and still get to do some of the things that made life fulfiiling for you.

            As a human I like going to schools and libraries and book stores, too. And writing groups etc. But there is only me to please. I don’t have an upstart trying to take my place like Ellie or trouble or what ever you want to call Godzilla. Lol.

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