IMG_6145The Mom Person is going to a big family gathering this weekend. These affairs are quite common with her family. They love to party. Most of the time when they have these gatherings, there is a theme to go along with the event. The theme for this weekend seems to be Super Heroes. The Mom Person is going as Wonder Woman. As in ” I wonder …….” woman. She has spent some time wondering about the best way to do her costume. We have spent some time talking about what Wonder Woman wonders about. Does she ever wonder about how to wear her hair? Does she ever wonder if she looks fat in that outfit? Does she wonder about the magic in that lasso of hers?

I spend a lot of time wondering. I wonder when my next meal is coming. I wonder if it’s my day to go to school. I wonder what kids I will get to see. I wonder when I will get to go to the river. I wonder where my tennis ball is.

Copy of IMG950653Right now I’m wondering about the book that we’ve chosen for Perfect Picture Book Friday. It’s a story about wonder. The world is filled with wonder and I’m guessing that most folks spend quite a bit of time wondering about the world around them.

IMG_6146Little Black Crow
by Chris Raschka (one of my very favorite author/illustrators!)
published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers in 2010
A Richard Jackson Book
A fiction book suitable for ages 4-7

Themes- the wonder of wondering, crows

It begins –
Little black crow,
where do you go?
Where do you go
in the cold white snow?

This is a brilliantly simple tale of a little boy sitting on a fence watching a crow overhead and wondering about the life that the crow lives and if the crow wonders about anything. The rhyming text is spare and lyrical. The illustrations are simple water color and ink brush strokes. Mr Raschka uses a simple palette of blues and browns and pinks. I wonder how such a simple little book can contain such depth of thought.

IMG_6151I found a TED talk presented by a young man named Joshua Klein who has spent a lot of time wondering about crows. You might want to view it HERE. It’s quite fascinating.

PBS Nature series has an episode about crows. You can find out more about it and view the episode HERE.

Now go out on a Wonder Walk and look at the world just outside your door. Do a little wondering as you wander. See any crows? What are they doing?
When you return from your wondering, you might try writing some little poems and doing some painting in the style of Mr Raschka.

and you might want to listen to Mr Paul McCartney while you’re working —

Now you might want to travel over to visit Ms Susanna Hill and check out the list of Perfect Picture Books that show up on her doorstep every Friday.

Now go spread your wings and enjoy your weekend!
Wondering what’s in store for me …..
Copy of img311


33 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. Thanks for sharing this – what cool book… I must read it! I’ve been reading a lot about crows lately, but they’ve all been “big people” books. Time to put the wonder back in.

  2. If the crow in the book is anything like the crow I saw (AND HEARD) in the tree by the garages the other day, he’s wondering how to scare me and then how to kill me. I was never so happy to get into the car!

    Love and licks,

    • Ha!! The crow in the book looked like a pretty nice little bird, but i know about those cheeky ones that sit in the trees and laugh at you as you go by. Some swooped down and scared Ms Electra the other day. I almost felt sorry for her.

  3. This sounds great, Rhythm! I love wonder, and think all kids (and adults) should be encouraged to do it a lot! As for Wonder Woman’s hair, I don’t think she has to wonder about it – it looks shellacked in place πŸ™‚

  4. Now I’ve got an earworm (“Black bird, fly!”) but since it’s the Beatles it’s not entirely a bad thing. If it wasn’t raining today, there would be crows in my trees. We seem to have more of them around this year.

    • An earworm! That’s funny. A little crow must have brought it! We don’t usually have too many crows around here. But sometimes there will be a tree full of them making such a ruckus! They must be wondering at each other. I don’t know.

    • Aaahh! I like that – a raucous caucus! We get those conventions here on occasion. It makes me wonder what they have to caw about so loudly! Are they arguing? Are they telling jokes and laughing at the rest of us? Are they celebrating the wonder of the world? I don’t understand crow talk.

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