Never Ever

IMG_6028The landscape around here is pretty dry and crunchy. We haven’t had any rain in quite a long time. The Mom Person worries that we will “Never Ever” have rain again! She gets these crazy thoughts sometimes.

IMG_5261Walker worries that we will “Never Ever” have any peace and quiet again with Dogzilla living with us. He’s a big worrier.

I sometimes read with kids who say they will “Never Ever” be able to read all those words. That makes me sad. I don’t know a lot about time. But I believe that Never Ever is a very long time. Kind of like infinity!

I’m not a “Never Ever” kind of girl. I’m more a “Maybe Soon” kind of girl. My eyes are always open looking for possibilities. I KNOW that eventually tennis balls and french fries will fall from the sky. You just have to be ready for it with your eyes open!

Some folks are always walking around with their eyes closed and miss all those possibilities that are out there all around.

This little book – NEVER EVER is about a little girl like that.

never everNever Ever
by Jo Empson (who also did that incredible book Rabbityness)
published by Child’s Play in 2012

It begins —
Nothing exciting ever happens to me!
Never, ever!

This is a wondrous book! And so fun to read with a buddy! A cute little red headed girl wanders through the countryside carrying her stuffed rabbit and complaining about how NOTHING exciting EVER happens to her! There aren’t a lot of words here. Lots of never, ever, ever, never, ever, never. But a whole lot of story is going on in the illustrations! Everywhere she steps she juuuusssttt misses something pretty exciting. If she would only open her eyes!!!! It’s hard not to yell that at her! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!! LOOK AT THE WORLD AROUND YOU!

never ever 2But she never ever does.

I am participating in a reading challenge posed by Bruce at The Bookshelf Gargoyle. The Small Fry Safari has 8 categories of titles to be completed. I believe that Never Ever falls into category #3, a book with a specific time in the title. To see the complete list of categories and books visit Mr Bruce on his bookshelf HERE.

Never say never – and always be open to possibility!

Keep your eyes and your heart open!
Wishing you a world of possibilities – and the eyes to see it with!
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28 thoughts on “Never Ever

  1. Hi Rhythm,
    Sorry, for some reason this comment got sent before I was finished. Here we go again: Let’s hope that we’ll get rain soon – and quite a bit at that. The recent weather forecast at least gave us some hope for showers. Not the deluge we’d need, but every drop is welcome.
    Take care in your necks of the woods,
    Pit and the four-legged crew

      • Hi Rhythm,
        Life in “Fritztown” is good. Today it’s a wonderfully sunny day, and yesterday we had a little rain. Not much, about half an inch, but every little drop helps.
        Take care, and enjoy the weekend,
        P.S.: Sally and Chiquita are enjoying their life here, too. They’re just lying outside on the back porch in the shade and snoozing happily.

  2. I’m hoping and praying for rain too. Love this post…I have a little girl, well, not so little now, that has a tendency to say “never,ever”, but she is working at looking at what’s around her. Sometimes she comes up with beautiful, amazing thoughts to share on her journey…

  3. That looks like a great reading challenge, Rhythm. Love the video and you guys are wonderful mentors I am sure to Godzilla!! πŸ˜‰

  4. It’s raining yellow tennis balls. Poor dog. First he is having fun chasing the balls and then, DUMP! there are so many I think he is looking for cover. Hilarious. That was a lot of tennis balls. Do you know how many? Maybe 6 dozen?

    I’m glad the dog had his eyes open when those balls fell from the sky. He will never ever doubt that tennis balls can simply fall from the sky. Nope. Next, he will be looking around for bones to fly his way. Never say never. πŸ™‚

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