Take the Lead on International Guide Dog Day

This week is International Guide Dog Week. A week dedicated to honoring the work of guide dog teams around the world. I haven’t found any information about happenings in the US, but Australia seems to be celebrating in a big way. The campaign for this year’s week is Take the Lead. A push to get people to leash up their pet dogs so that they don’t interfere with the work of a guide dog. Guide Dog handler Jo has a great blog with stories from her life as a guide dog user. She has voiced things much better than I could. I hope that you will heed her words and Take the Lead!

Daily Life of a Guide Dog Team

Here is a post I wrote to support Guide Dogs NSW/ACT’s new ‘Take the Lead’ education campaign. Later today Wiley and I are going to a local primary school to help launch the campaign and celebrate International Guide Dog Day here in Canberra.

Encouraging pet dogs owners to Take the Lead

The other day I was walking to my local shops, my beautiful Guide Dog Wiley happily leading the way, doing his job, keeping me safe. Suddenly I froze – I’d just heard the words I dread. “Fido Come’, then in a more urgent, louder tone FIDO COME!”. I knew that within 10 or so seconds an off lead dog would be on top of us.

What I couldn’t tell was the intent of the dog.  Was it playful or aggressive, large or small, on its own or with another dog. Was Wiley about to be attacked – would the…

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