World Book Day

Today is World Book Day.

WORLD Book Day

But have I come across any kind of event or celebration in the US?


It’s all in the UK. That’s UK. Not US.  Why is that? I don’t know.

But if you’re interested – here is a link to the official WORLD Book Day website

A fun article and pictures from the Guardian of BRITISH authors getting into character.

And the Story Museum in BRITAIN’s website page about their character celebration

How cool is that to have a STORY Museum?! Is there such a thing in the US? I don’t know.

Me? I’m dealing with a puppy today and trying to explain about books. Does she understand? I don’t think so. A little more time, I think.

IMG_5239Walker and I will be going to the library this evening though to celebrate with some book appreciating young folks!

And I will say that maybe the US doesn’t celebrate WORLD Book Day, but I did discover that we celebrate WORLD BOOK NIGHT! On April 23, 2014. This does not seem to be an event having anything to do with Children’s books. But if you are into Big People books, you might want to get your pajamas ready!!

So enjoy your WORLD Book Day! Even if you do it on your own!!

Your library friend


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22 thoughts on “World Book Day

    • Well, that pup in the picture is not actually Walker. Walker is my big black library buddy. That pup in the picture is our new guide dog pup that I am having to train. Her name is Electra. A rather fitting name. But I’ll tell her you think she’s cute! She’ll like that! Are you doing any reading today? Besides blog posts?

    • That’s interesting that the picture came out big for you. I wonder how it looks for everybody? I’m usually a pretty patient girl. Electra is really no harder to deal with than some kids I know. She just has sharper teeth! I’m trying to teach her how to chill out.

    • She wants to eat EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe. I’m hearing a LOT of No! Leave it! coming from the Mom Person this week. I think she just needs to record it and put it on continuous play. Our house has become a regular comedy show.

  1. Mad Martha tried and tried to work in a visit to Seven Stories when she was in the UK, but just couldn’t make it happen. It looks like a lot of fun. I think we have a kid’s book museum called the Dromkeen something or other….but it’s in Victoria…so that’s quite a hike too…One day we’ll get there 🙂 Happy World Book Day guv!

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